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Chick-fil-A opens first double-decker NYC restaurant in Herald Square

Chick-fil-A's first NYC location near Herald Square has two kitchens and two floors of seating. Take a look inside and behind the scenes.
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    The line experience was engineered based on the restaurant's experience with drive-th|Eva Kis, Metro

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    To keep the entry-to-food time down to six minutes, orders may be taken while custome|Eva Kis, Metro

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    |Eva Kis, Metro

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    Customers will be given a color-coded tab to take to a specific register to pick up t|Eva Kis, Metro

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    All of the seating is upstairs (there is also an elevator).|Eva Kis, Metro

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    |Eva Kis, Metro

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    Ever seen a pepper grinder at a fast food restaurant?|Eva Kis, Metro

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    |Eva Kis, Metro

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    Some of the menu items.|Eva Kis, Metro

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    Market fresh salad with grilled chicken|Eva Kis, Metro

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    The breakfast sandwich is being tested right now but will be available at the NYC loc|Eva Kis, Metro

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    The tea brewing station.|Eva Kis, Metro

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    This is where the assembly happens.|Eva Kis, Metro

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    |Eva Kis, Metro

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    |Eva Kis, Metro

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    The cheerful man who breads the fried chicken for the sandwiches.|Eva Kis, Metro

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    The aprons are color-coded depending on which food prep area they're used in.

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    The lemonade is a two-man operation.|Eva Kis, Metro

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    Salads are assembled downstairs.|Eva Kis, Metro

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    The biscuits for the breakfast sandwich are hand-rolled.|Eva Kis, Metro

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    A dumbwaiter gets the food, and whatever may be needed (we got a demonstration with a|Eva Kis, Metro

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    |Eva Kis, Metro

The country's most famous (and occasionally notorious) fried chicken chain, Chick-fil-A, is about to make its landing in Midtown Manhattan.

Specifically, NYC's first full-size Chick-fil-A will be located at 37th Street and Sixth Avenue. The two-story restaurant has been nearly a year in the making, which seems strange for a chain with over 2,000 locations but, as they found out, nothing really prepares you for this city.

From optimizing the line-standing experience to finding a space with two kitchens that can support their expected demand, this restaurant is expected to be busy well beyond the Herald Square lunch crowd.

New Yorkers will be able to taste the hand-breaded chicken sandwiches and fresh lemonade beloved across the South beginning Oct. 3. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek from today's media tour of the restaurant, including a behind-the-scenes look inside its kitchens.



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