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Happy Anniversary, Lady Liberty!

One hundred and thirty years calls for celebration, people at Battery Park share their Statue of Liberty stories.

Wednesday is the 130th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty's arrival in New York, so Metro hit up Battery Park to ask patriotic locals and visitors their thoughts on Lady Liberty.

On June 17, 1885 a French ship hauled the statue over, its pieces in crates. Over the next year it would be assmbled and in October 1886 the statue was officially dedicated.

Dayle Harrington, 58, recently retired from Halifax Nova Scotia:“It epitomizes the liberty of the U.S.”

Deepa Purohit, 44, Voice and Speech Coach at Teach for America, from Fort Greene, Brooklyn:“My son who is eight calls her the ‘golden lady,’ when he was younger he really loved her and used to love seeing the golden lady on the bridge.”
Joanne Rivest, 52, Power Engineer at University of Helifax, from Halifax Nova Scotia:“I’m a Canadian but I found it kind of emotional and it was much larger than I thought. It was foggy yesterday and you could see her coming in and out of the fog and it was just so beautiful.”

Kirk Scarbrough, 27, a Video Producer for Teach for America, from Crown Heights, Brooklyn:“We can see her from our office window and we refer to her as ‘the lady,’ like we work near the lady. I like that spot in the office it’s the perfect view of her, it’s the ideal New York view. I’ve never actually been but I look at her everyday.”

Ro-Jéan Binda, 20, a student at Buffalo State, from Queens:“When I went it was the first time I was on a boat so I didn’t know we had to do all that to get there so I was distracted and I wanted to go into the crown part but it was after they closed all that off, it was cool to see it up close and personal, I felt closer to America’s history. You get that sense of freedom.”


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