Raw oysters are unpleasant. There, I said it. Everyone rave about how the briny seawater still sloshing around inside is offset by the sweetness of their rosé or whatever. I prefer to do this thing called savoring my food, rather than shotgunning it because the texture is even worse than the taste.

At Zadie's Oyster Room (413 E. 12th St.) chef Marco Canora, aka the Bone Broth Guy, has created a more civilized way to enjoy the bivalve — without smothering it in breadcrumbs, as is the custom of my native South. Zadie’s serves oysters seven ways, but the best of the bunch involves poaching them in a butter-and-cream broth with wakame seaweed, sherry and Worcestershire sauce, then throwing in a handful of sourdough croutons and finishing it off with microgreens ($16.50). Creamy without the heaviness of chowder, yet more satisfying than miso soup (where you usually find wakame), each spoonful tastes like the refined essence of the ocean.

With a glass of the surprisingly assertive Txakoli rosé, you'll feel as if you’re in a seaside village instead of the East Village.​