The culinary possibilities of the American flag is not the first instinct of patriots.

But don't dare accuse Matt Starr of not loving his country. If you are what you eat, then he's going to be more American than the rest of us — until it's all... digested, anyway. Starr is going to eat an American flag (prepared by chef Matt FX, so probably not made of polyester) in an act of devotion to the land of the free called the All American Diet at 6 p.m. tonight, June 28, at Tumblr's NYC headquarters (35 E. 21st St.)

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Urging him on will be the audience (free with RSVP), the Royal Knights Marching Band, opera singer Sara Lillian Anderson and former "Daily Show" correspondent Jena Friedman.

Whatever the flag is made of, the stunt is legal thanks to a 1990 Supreme Court ruling that protected burning the flag as an act of free speech under the First Amendment.