WrestleMania 32 is lacking star power, which leads many to believe that we could see the return of one or more legends this Sunday.

Kurt Angle, no longer tied down by a TNA contract, has been rumored for months now. Triple H and Angle were originally said to have held conversations at the Arnold Sports Festival earlier this month but that reported was later refuted. 

Adding fuel to the speculation is that the former WWE champion will be in Dallas, Texas this weekend. In addition, Angle has been tweeting up a storm regarding WrestleMania.

"I will be appearing this Saturday at @wrestlecon in Dallas, Tx from 11-2 as part of @Tmartpromotions See You there! #itstrue" - Wednesday, March 30

"We are finally gonna see, perhaps the best wrestler in the world, at WrestleMania! @AJStylesOrg #itstrue" - Monday, March 28

"Wow!! Looking forward to @shanemcmahon vs #Undertaker at Wrestlemania32. Can you say #Unpredictable? #holysh#t" - Monday, March 28