Make sure you have your camera handy, because Manhattanhenge is coming back. 

On Sunday, July 12 and Monday July 13, the sun will be in perfect alignment with Manhattan’s East-West numbered streets, allowing you to get the perfect sunset photo across the city grid. 

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According to the Hayden Planetarium, you will be able to see half of the sun on Sunday, July 12 at 8:20 P.M. and the full sun on Monday at 8:21 P.M. 

The best streets to view Manhattanhenge are: 14th Street, 23rd Street, 34th Street, 42nd Street and 57th Street.

If standing in the street to snap photos of sunsets isn't your thing, the Hayden Planetarium will host a public program that highlights the history and astronomy of the phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge.