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Memorable moments from Global Citizen Festival 2015 (photos)

Here are the best moments from this weekend's humanitarian extravaganza in Central Park, the Global Citizen Festival.
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    Leo DiCaprio and Usher both brought facial hair as their dubious +1s.|Getty Images

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    Coldplay's Chris Martin did a duet with Ariana Grande.|Getty Images

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    Laverne Cox picked up where Pope Francis left off.|Getty Images

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    Common wore clam diggers after Labor Day.|Getty Images

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    Beyonce was flawless.|Getty Images

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    Beyonce and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam joined forces for "Redemption Song."

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    Michelle Obama needed a moment.|Getty Images

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    Malala Yousafzai was among the dignitaries who spoke along with United Nations chief |Getty Images

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    Bill Nye the Science Guy apparently has musical talents, too.|Getty Images

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    Chris Martin of Coldplay forgot how guitars work for a moment.|Getty Images

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    Beyonce and Michelle Obama hugged and somehow the world wasn't engulfed in a cleansin|Getty Images

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    Sting served as Common's guitarist.|Getty Images

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    Stephen Colbert and Hugh Jackman pointed at each other.|Getty Images

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    Zach Braff is no longer "Garden State" age and neither are we.|Getty Images

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    Sunidhi Chauhan |Getty Images

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    Pearl Jam closed out the show with "Rockin' in the Free World."|Getty Images

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    Eddie Vedder toasted the crowd with an entire bottle of wine. Cheers!|Getty Images

A lot of musical acts come through Central Park during the year, but none are as massive as the Global Citizen Festival.

The worlds of entertainment and global politics came together to raise money and awareness to end poverty on Saturday in New York City. Everyone from Bill Gates to Big Bird took the stage, and it seemed like Beyonce did a duet with all of them.

Check out the highlights of the fest, from who was there to the moments we'll be talking about until next year's event.


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