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Metro6@7: Tenant D-day, Game of Thrones, dry days for NYC sports

LGBT travel trends, Fireman Ed, Hillary redux -- and Jeb!

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are in a knock-down brawl that is threaReuters

Good morning NYC. Here's the @metronewyork Metro6@7, which includes links to our latest political coverage, a thoughtful piece on our teams' recent failure bringing home a championship, and a LGBT travel trends piece.

Gov. Cuomo on Sunday sternly warned landlords not to take advantage of a likely expiration of the city's rent stabilization and rent control laws. He vows to keep calling lawmakers back to Albany until a renewal is approved. We had to laugh and shake of our heads. He and Mayor de Blasio have been going back and forth over expanding tenant protections and the state Senate and Assembly can't compromise. It's Albany at its very worst. And its typical. Shame on them.

Will the next New York champ please stand up?New York is not exactly starving for a title in comparison to other cities, but its teams certainly haven’t been thriving lately.So who will be the next team to parade down the Canyon of Heroes, and will it be anytime soon? Metro's sports desk ranks the local squads most likely to win the city’s next championship.

Saturday was Hillary Clinton's day. Monday is Jeb Bush's time in the spotlight. Bush, the brother of W., will make it official today: He is running for president. Bush will be the 11th Republican in the ever-widening GOP field, which may soon include, officially, Chris Christie and Donald Trump. Until the Bush announcement happens, catch up with our herstoric Hillary slideshow, the story from Roosevelt Island, and the full text of her speech.

Metro takes a look at gay travel to NYC and there are some interesting finds.

There's a hope among Jets fans that famed fan “Fireman Ed” will make a return this year as the leader of the “J-E-T-S!” chant as the once face of the franchise has been missing from his once prominent role on gameday.

Metro gives the skinny on the season finale. Among the many shocks of last night’s “Game of Thrones” season finale was the apparent death of a character long thought to be sacred.


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