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Miss Manhattan: The famous model you don't know

Most New Yorkers have seen Miss Manhattan's likeness around the city, but few know her real name.
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    Audrey Munson with photographer Arnold Genthe's cat, Buzzer (1915)|Wikipedia

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    Audrey Munson, film artist in Heedless Moths|Wikipedia

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    Star, for the "Colonnade of Stars," Court of the Universe building, 1915 Panama Pacif|Wikipedia

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    Munson was the model for Adolph Alexander Weinman's The Setting Sun, created for the |Wikipedia


Audrey Marie Munson. The name may not ring a bell, but you’ve undoubtedly seen her likeness around town. From the New York Public Library to the Brooklyn Bridge, this woman in various states of undress wasonce the most famous artist’s model in the country.

The story of Munson began in 1906, when she was 15 years old and was spotted window shopping on Fifth Avenueby photographerFelix Benedict Herzog. After he took a series of portraits of her, she was introduced to well-known sculptorIsadoreKonti, who began her career as “Miss Manhattan,” immortalizing her in iron and stone. But a short-lived hiatus as a film actress, followed by amurder scandal, changed things for the model.

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