Now that the first phase of the Second Avenue subway line is up and running, bus stops that were relocated due to its construction are slated to return by month’s end, DNAinfo reported

Though many stops are returning to their original locations along Second Avenue from East 72nd to 96th streets, a few have been moved, according to a map obtained by the news outlet.

The M15 Select Bus Service stop between 88th and 89th streets will move two blocks south between 86th and 87th streets, while the stop at the northwest corner of 100th Street will relocate between 95th and 96th streets. 

M15 local service will revert to its previous spots with two exceptions. At the 86th Street, the stop will now be on the northwest corner instead of the southwest, and at the 100th Street stop, which will move to the northwest corner of 99th Street.

Second Avenue's permanent bus stops:
M15 local: Southwest corners of 96th, 89th, 84th, 82nd, 74th, 72nd, 69th, 68th and 65th streets; northwest corners of 78th, 86th, and 99th streets.
M15 SBS: Northwest corners of 95th, 86th and 67th streets.
M96 crosstown: North and south sides of 96th Street and west side of Second Avenue. 
M86 crosstown: Westbound service will stop on the northwest corner of 86th Street and Second Avenue, while eastbound will stop on the southeast side of the intersection 
M72 crosstown: West side of Second Avenue, while westbound service will be on the north side and eastbound on the south. 

Metro has reached out to the MTA for comment and a copy of the map.