The New York Post reports that a mother in Brooklyn is suing her daughter as a last means of reclaiming what she says is her share of a $1 million lottery jackpot. 

The mother, Barbara Quiles, told the New York Post that she was “too sick” in 2012 to cash her lottery winning and instead authorized her daughter, Linza Ford, to do it for her. 
“I felt like she stabbed me not in the back but right in the heart and twisted the knife,’’ Quiles told the New York Post. “I’m the one who went out to buy the ticket with my money...I have a lot of witnesses.’’
Things get a little more complicated when Quiles explained that the mother-daughter duo set up a “contractual lottery agreement.” What this essentially means is that Quiles’ daughter agreed to claim the winnings while still giving her mother unbridled access to the money. 
Ford, however (and predictably) has a very different story.
“It was my ticket, signed by me. I went to the office in the Bronx. She even went with me to claim the ticket,” Ford said. 
Ford claims that she left because her mother’s mental illness. 
“If they knew her history they wouldn’t believe what she was saying about me.”