The bigwigs at New Jersey Transit have voted for more pain -- and no gain -- for commuters who use their buses and trains.

The board of directors' vote hikes fares an average of 9 percent.

A one-way between Trenton and New York goes up $1.25 to $16.75, an 8 percent jump.

Monthly tickets for that trip zoom up by 9 percent, from $440 to $480.

The political fingerpointing is rampant.

The state's Democrats, who want Gov. Chris Christie to step aside as he runs for the Republican presidential nomination, fault him for not finding new funding sources for the $1.6 billion Transportation Trust Fund.

Republicans fault the ever-increasing cost of employee union benefits and pension payouts.

The last hikes were five years ago, when they jumped a whopping 22 percent; the hikes approved today would be in place by October.

Among the cuts are the elimination of two late-night train departures out of Hoboken, and the reduction of trips on several bus routes, mostly in southern New Jersey.