A new survey by travel company GoEuro confirms what most of us in the city already know: Beer ain’t cheap. 

New York City was the fifth most expensive beer city on the 2015 Beer Price Index with an average overall price of $5.20. The average price of a beer purchased in a Big Apple bar is $8.97, while a beer bought in a supermarket is $1.44. 

The priciest city worldwide is Geneva, where a brew will cost you $10.77 in a bar, and the only other cities where a beer costs more than it does in New York City are Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Oslo.

Looking to imbibe on a dime? A beer in a Kiev bar will cost you $2.36, and a lager in a Krakow bar will run will run you $2.70. 

Other cheap beer cities include Delhi, Mexico City and Bangkok, according to the survey. 

If you’re out drinking in Miami, a beer will run you the same as New York, according to the report. A beer in an L.A. bar will run you about half of one in New York — around $4.61 — while Chicago and Boston beers run in the high $5 range, and a barley pop will set you back $6.48 in San Francisco. 

U.S. beer prices went up on the world stage due to the American dollar appreciating over the last year, according to the report.