Kellogg's cereal and Chinese food. Two great tastes that... what?

"We’ve been eating cereal the same way our whole lives," laments Mission Chinese chef Danny Bowien. "No one’s doing weird things with cereal."

That changes tomorrow, when he opens his East Village-by-way-of-San-Francisco restaurant for three days of the most off-the-wall breakfast you'll ever have, in collaboration with the cereal brand. 

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Bowien created a menu of five dishes made up of two plates each: One a playful twist on American breakfast using Kellogg's cereal, the other a more traditional Chinese counterpart. “There was a little getting-to-know each other period, because we do really crazy shit [at Mission Chinese]," he admits.

His initial impulse was to redecorate the restaurant with Kellogg’s branding for the duration of the menu, creating a sort of Cereal Land that a kid would imagine. “But [Kellogg’s] were like, ‘No, we really want it to be about you and what you’re going to do with the cereal,’" he says. "And also making something that, ideally, people can walk away from or see it on Instagram or something and be like, ‘Oh, maybe I’ll try to do that.’"

The final results, narrowed down from 30 ideas, are all utterly unique (and it's hard to argue sampling them all when they're $6 each). Where else will you have a lime-agave porridge of Raisin Bran paired successfully with Sichuan pepper-spiced mapo tofu? Or bacon-infused soy milk poured on a bowl of Corn Pops, topped with a fried egg? (Though even that is matched by its companion of toothsome discs of rice with thrice-cooked bacon and sweet tofu skins.) As Bowien puts it, “It’s all about nostalgia, being a kid, being like, ‘Oh my god, this is so cool.’”

The Kellogg's-inspired menu is only around for three days, this Friday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to noon — no reservations accepted. Whatever you have to do to get there will be worth it.