A 2013 report by the Bronx district attorney's office rocked New York when it revealed that 25 students were allegedly sexually abused at the tony Horace Mann school, widely regarded as one of the best private schools in New York.

Now, it turns out that there were more than 60 former students who were allegedly abused from the 1960s through the 1990s by no fewer than 22 Horace Mann employees, reports the Wall Street Journal

The independent nonprofit group Horace Mann Action Coalition, founded by Horace Mann alumni, found more than double the number of victims in the 2013 DA's report, and nearly double the number of alleged abusers as well - the DA's office found 12 alleged abusers. 

The DA's office was unable to prosecute the alleged perpetrators because the alleged crimes occurred outside of New York's statute of limitations, which stipulates that victims must report sexual abuse within five years of turning 18. 

Terry Raskyn, the public information director for the Bronx DA's office, told the Journal that the office will investigate any cases within the statue of limitations. 

The report alleges that both female and male members abused children, including a headmaster, coaches, teachers, a chaplain, a dean and department heads. Horace Mann declined to participate in the report and refused to provide access to relevant documents, but apologized to victims and reached settlements with them.

Horace Mann graduate Joseph Cumming, who says he was abused by a teacher between 1975 and 1977, told the Journal: “This report does make us feel we’ve been believed, we’ve been taken seriously and it uncovers as much of the truth as could be uncovered given the obstacles that the school has put in the way of those working on it,” he said. “But as the report acknowledges, it’s incomplete because of the school’s refusal to cooperate.”