The man convicted in the 2012 deaths of three Brooklyn shopkeepers was sentenced to at least 75 years behind bars Friday. 

Salvatore Perrone was sentenced to three consecutive terms of 25 years to life in the murders of Isaac Kadare, Rahmatollah Vahidipour and Mohamed Cebeli, NBC New York reported.

All three victims were shot with the same .22 caliber weapon, police said, and they found it in Perrone's duffel bag, according to Reuters. One of his fingerprints was lifted from the weapon and testing matched shell casings from the scene.

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Former Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said at the time of the murders that each of the victims' heads were "covered by either cardboard or clothing" when they were found, Reuters stated.

Perrone was seen on surveillance camera and police were called him 'John Doe Duffel Bag " before capturing him, according to Reuters. An anonymous tip came in to police and Perrone was identified. He faced charges of three counts of criminal possession of a weapon as well as the murder charges. He was found guilty on Feb. 10. ​

NBC New York reported that Perrone was evaluated by a doctor after making outbursts during his trial. He was, however, found to be mentally fit to stand trial. He said "my sincerest condolences" at his sentencing hearing Friday before denying that he murdered the three men. 

Neighbors reportedly gave him the nickname 'Son of Sal', possibly in relation to serial killer David Berkowitz who, according to local media, went by 'Son of Sam' and murdered six people in the 1970s.