Although prolonged heat and humidity have been in short supply, windy, warm conditions interrupted by brief episodes of showers and storms will be the rule heading into the last week of June and the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The hottest and most humid part of this summer still lies ahead, as the dogs will certainly start barking as August will bring us a pure summer swelter.

After a nice warm, but dry final weekend of June, things will heat up as you start this week and humidity levels will be on the rise as well. The next chance you will be reaching for your umbrella will be on Tuesday. Showers and storms, a few possibly severe, will start to rock the I-95 corridor from Philly to NYC to Boston.

The highest threat will take be later in the day Tuesday and Tuesday night. Computer models are indicating that the system associated with the storms will begin to slow up and scattered showers and storms could linger into Wednesday, especially from New York City and points north and east towardBoston.

The Fourth of July weekend is starting out nice. Friday should bring a decent amount of sunshine with the mercury hanging out in the warm 80s. The only exception could be Philly as a weak disturbance might set off a late storm, but the shore is looking good.

Saturday should turn out to be a great day as ample sunshine and warm temps will keep the babecue rain-free throughout the Northeast. Beaches up and down the coast will feature lot's of sun and readings mainly in the upper 70s

I'm a bit concerned about Sunday. July 3, when increasing humidity, combined with a weak frontal wave could kick-off some afternoon and evening storms. How widespread, though, is still in doubt. Regardless, it will be a sticky day with temps into the 80s inland, upper 70s at beach locations.

By Monday the Fourth, the frontal system responsible for any storms on Sunday should start to clear the coast allowing for a return to sunshine with lower humidity. The only location where a leftover shower or storm could linger is along the southern New Jersey shoreline.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend, and be safe.

New York

Monday: Sunshine 85

Tuesday: Afternoon storms 86

Wednesday: Leftover shower or storm 84

Thursday: Sunshine 85

Friday: Sun and clouds 83 


Saturday: Sunshine 85

Sunday: Afternoon storms, humid 85

Monday: Sun, less humid 85


Monday: Sunny 83

Tuesday: Afternoon storms 84

Wednesday: Scattered storms 81

Thursday: Sunshine 83

Friday: Sunshine 85


Saturday: Sunshine 83

Sunday: Afternoon storm, humid 83

Monday: Sun, less humid 82


Monday: Heating up kissing 90.

Tuesday: Showers and storms moving in. Humid 87

Wednesday: Leftover morning shower or storm 84

Thursday: Sunshine 85

Friday: Possible afternoon or evening storm 86


Saturday: Sunshine 85

Sunday: Possible afternoon storms, humid 85

Monday: Early shower, then sun 86