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PHOTOS: Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

Halloween may be days away, but these dogs definitely deserve a treat.
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    Nothing better than a Saturday Sundae!|Mary Dorn

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    Kaya is feeling Foxy this election season. Follow her on Instagram @KayaTheShiba.

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    Spooked! These pups barely recognized each other in their Halloween finery.

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    Mushy bananas are even sweeter!|Mary Dorn

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    Someone should let that golden retriever know that Chuwi isn't actually sushi.

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    Hey, those are people clothes!|Mary Dorn

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    Sratorial scruffer poses with his stylist.|Mary Dorn

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    Petite princesses: ruff and fluff was all the rage this year|Mary Dorn

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    Archie wears a Sully-inspired costume.|Mary Dorn

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    Handsome guy!|Mary Dorn

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    Caterpillar cutie strikes a pose.|Mary Dorn

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    Everybody needs a little KFC!|Mary Dorn

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    Holly Havanese honors another Holly in her Breakfast at Tiffany's getup. Follow her o|Mary Dorn

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    Who could be mad at this Colin Kaepernick? Check out more of Cash on Instagram @CashT|Mary Dorn

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    Pucker up pups! See more of the fabulous life of Chloe on Instagram @ChloeKardoggian.|Mary Dorn

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    Puppy Pope Sochi indulged the crowd with a bark-filled benediction to ring in this ye|Mary Dorn

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    Get me a baker's dozen of these guys!|Mary Dorn

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    "Stuff, Lori... thangs."|Mary Dorn

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    Benji wants to taco 'bout his getup! See what he has to say on Instagram @BenjaminOfB|Mary Dorn

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    Mango spooks us with her homage to "Stranger Things."|Mary Dorn

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    Will this Mother of Dragons and her baby Nikko steal the #Howloween costume throne? S|Mary Dorn

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    Ashby and Asher were a very well-behaved Yoda and Ewok.|Mary Dorn

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    Sprout was a very defiant Eyore. Follow him on Instagram @Brussel.Sprout.

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    You'd be lion if you said you didn't love this costume.|Mary Dorn

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    Strike! Pete flaunts his long frame as a bowling lane. Follow him on Instagram at @Pe|Mary Dorn

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    There's something alien about these dogs.|Mary Dorn

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    Owners also dressed up to match their pets.|Mary Dorn

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    These Grease dogs are the ones that I want!|Mary Dorn

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    A pugger fish. Get it?|Mary Dorn

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    Bella and Witten dazzle as a marine menagerie.|Mary Dorn

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    Look! It's the cast of Hairy Potter.|Mary Dorn

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    "Sweet Shop" was the 2016 costume winner.

    |Mary Dorn

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    This candy shop has the cuddliest of candies.

    |Mary Dorn

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    This Pom Reader sees many treats in her future. Follow her on Instagram @PerryThePom.|Mary Dorn

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    Smooch!|Mary Dorn

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    Zeppelin rocks out in a homemade tarantula ensemble.|Mary Dorn

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    Inseparable!|Mary Dorn

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    Hey, that's not Snoopy! |Mary Dorn

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    Giuliana Rancic cozying up to first-round champ, The Queen, for an interview with her|Mary Dorn

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    The royal hounds get to know each other. |Mary Dorn

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    Ah, Pom. Drink it in, New York. It's good for your heart.|Mary Dorn

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    Chewbacca, Ray, and BB-8 dazzle the crowd.|Mary Dorn

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    Hillary and Trump find common ground at Tompkins Square Park.|Mary Dorn

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    A marriage counselor and his newly-single Pitt, Brad.|Mary Dorn

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    Who you gonna call?|Mary Dorn

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    This Houndoom might not earn you any points in Pokemon Go, but he sure did score poin|Mary Dorn

The weather Saturday may have looked like it would start raining cats and dogs any minute, but a parade of canines were making their way through the East Village that afternoon to brighten up an otherwise gloomy day.

One of the largest costume contests for dogs in the world, the 26th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade allows pups to compete for the title of “Best in Show.” The pets and their owners go all out, from scary to fun costumes, which get more elaborate each year.

Entertainment journalist Giuliana Rancic emceed the event where prizes for top 10 winners were selected, but ultimately a candy-themed entry called "Sweet Shop" was crowned the champion.

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All funds raised at the event support theFriends of First Run, the organization responsible for maintenance of the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run.

Check out the gallery above of the dogs that made it out to the parade Saturday — and find out where you can follow many of them on Instagram.


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