If you've ever loved "Ghostbusters," theme parks, immersive theater, Ecto Cooler, conventions, sci-fi or just having fun, then don't miss the "Ghostbusters" party going down in Broolyn this week. 

Event organizer BBQ Films did prep us for the experience of walking into a recreated Ghostbusters HQ inside Williamsburg's Villain. Co-founder Gabriel Rhoads described it as a chance to "play inside this world," but they didn't just fill the two event rooms with a bunch of props.

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Actors dressed as the heroes and villains of the 1984 film roam the "facility." You're greeted at the front desk by the Ghostbusters' spot-on secretary Janine, and might be approached by a red-eyed Louis Tully asking for the Gatekeeper, among others. Ghost sightings can be reported with — what else? — glow-in-the-dark stickers on a map of New York City, and there's even a sketch artist to create a portrait of your particular poltergeist. (If you can't exorcise 'em, appeal to their vanity, right?)

There's a station upstairs to test your ESP abilities (including "shocks" for wrong answers) and, since the premise of the evening is that the Ghostbusters are looking to expand (may NYC never start getting less weird), you can learn how to use a proton pack and expertly slide a trap to land right beneath the offending specter. It's probably against OSHA regulations to have an Ecto-Cooler cocktail ($8 and way too sweet, but you'll still want one) in one hand while practicing trap sliding, but luckily the Ghostbusters have had free reign since saving NYC from Gozer and her marshmallow minion. 

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This isn't even close to describing everything that goes on. (The movie is screened, for one, with free popcorn and its own interactive components.) Even if it were, the best reason to go is just to be in the joyous atmosphere that only really exists on movie sets. Except it's real, and it's going on all around you among a crowd of people who couldn't be less ironic about how great it is.

Tickets are still available for Saturday's family matinee and regular evening session, which ends with the traditional dance party.