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VIDEO: Is it doomsday for "worst place" on Earth -- the Port Authority?

Bi-state agency begins discussions Thursday on $11 billion plan for new bus hub.

The horror stories — and lampooning — know no end.

New York City’s Port Authority terminal is everyone’s favorite place to hate.

Chris Rock even did an episode of Everybody Hates Chris dedicated to the Times Square bus hub. It was called “Everybody Hates the Port Authority.”

The smells, the hobos, and hustlers make it the only place more dangerous than Chris’ ghetto hood. His dad even loses their bus money -- the family was headed south for a funeral -- to a three-card monte con artist.

It is "also known as the single worst place on Planet Earth. It is a place where cockroaches run up to people yelling, 'Please get me out of here.'," John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, joked last year.

On Thursday, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the bi-state agency responsible for the facility, is expected to discuss what it would cost to tear it all down and build a new one at a public meeting.

Estimates range from $8 billion to $11 billion, reported the Wall Street Journal, which broke the story.

NY1 transit ace Jose Martinez notes, “that's more than the cost of building three new Second Avenue subway stations, or five Yankee Stadiums.”

The agency last month crowed about a $90 million plan to spruce things up. Phase 1 was a renovation of second floor bathrooms that won accolades from commuters.

One thing everyone agrees on, however, is that something more than band-aid renovations are needed for the terminal, which now sees 230,000 commuters from both sides of the Hudson passing through it daily.

The Journal reports that the terminal’s rush-hour passenger traffic is expected to grow by as much as 51% by 2040.

The PA will also once more try to revive a project to build two rail tunnels under the Hudson River — a plan famously killed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in 2010.

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