Cross-breeding pastries with other bread products and rainbows is basically the baker's version of genetically engineering rabbits to glow in the dark, except more delicious (usually) and less ethically dubious. Not that most bakers would be bothered by a little moral quandary if it meant getting their own Cronut line (still going strong after more than three years, tyvm) every. single. morning.

The newest product of the flavor mavericks at The Doughnut Project is the Everything Doughnut. The West Village shop has been an upstart since it opened late last year, and in fact its first claim to fame was also a savory-sweet combo of a pillow-shaped doughnut with a piece of bacon laid out on top like a sunseeker in Tahiti.

For the Everything, a plain yeast doughnut is fried, then topped with a "cream cheese glaze" and a dusting of sesame and poppy seeds, pepitas, sea salt and garlic(!). Though they've been known to sidle right up to the savory-sweet boundary, this is a new frontier. 

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And the results  have been mixed. Buzzfeed got a batch with super-sweet frosting that left it tasting more like a doughnut than a bagel. Timeout had texture issues — the pull of the chewy authentic New York bagel is strong. But the Daily News called it a "perfect sweet homage" to NYC's unofficial (but really, official) food.

If you like bacon with your pancakes or salted caramel, you know the magic of savory-sweet. Whether or not you believe the words "cream cheese" and "glaze" belong in the same sentence is between you and the $3.75 it'll cost to find out.

The Doughnut Project
10 Morton St., West Village 
M-F 8 a.m. & S-S 9 a.m. until the doughnuts are gone