A nonprofit organization in Texas is seeing more green than red this holiday season after an anonymous donor left a $50,000 check under a nativity scene, according to ABC News.

The organization, The Children's Home in Amarillo, Texas, helps kids whose living environments have been deemed unsafe. On its website, the charity explains children typically stay there for a few months – or even several years.

President of the organization, Darrin Murphy, told ABC that the donor called the charity and told a staff member to "look under Jesus" in the nativity scene outside. An envelope containing the $50,000 check was hidden there in the manger.

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Murphy said that the donation will go along way to help The Children's Home focus on kids instead of worrying about budgets.

He told CBS News that staffers identified the donor using the check, but that the man wants to remain anonymous. In other words, the donor simply wants the good work of the The Children's Home to continue.

Of course, Murphy told the kids at The Children's Home about the gift. He said they weren't just excited about the donation.

They also were ecstatic to learn that someone believed in them – and their futures.