Charles Manson may be serving his final days in prison, according to a published report.

The convicted mass murderer is at the Corcoran State Prison where he is serving a life sentence, corrections officials said on Saturday, following recent reports that the hippie-era cult leader had been hospitalized.

TMZ, who first reported last week that Manson was taken to a Bakersfield, California hospital for severe intestinal bleeding, is now saying he might not survive

According to the website's latest report, Manson initially refused surgery for the bleeding, but when he changed his mind, doctors ultimately decided it was too risky to go ahead with the operation. He was then reportedly sent back to prison.

"He's not good. His health is failing," a source told TMZ.

In the 1960s, Manson, a charismatic ex-convict, assembled a group of runaways and outcasts known as the "Manson Family." In the summer of 1969, he directed his mostly young, female followers to murder seven people in what prosecutors said was part of a plan to incite a race war.

-Reuters contributed to this report