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Cher starts Twitter beef with Michigan guv over Flint water, suggests firing squad

Gov. Rick Snyder responded to the iconic singer's rhetoric, saying it wouldn't "solve the problem."

David Carroll/Wikimedia Commons; Rick Snyder/Facebook; Illustration by Metro

The Flint water crisis has a new development, this time involve iconic singer Cher and her philosophy as conveyed on Twitter.

Embattled Gov. Rick Snyder, Republican of Michigan, has been the target of vociferous criticism for his administration's handling of the Flint water crisis. That situation involves evidence of brownwater spewing into home faucets and, in some cases, allegations of toxic levels of lead in drinking water.

Local NBC affiliate WILX reported that Snyder said he understands the outrage. "People want to have me shot," Snyder lamented toWILX.The most prominent individual who suggested the extrajudicial, and highly illegal and un-American and generally insane, idea of doing that Scott was none other than iconic singer Cher.

Though, to be fair, it appears that Cher is suggesting Scott be tried for crimes against humanity and, if he's found guilty, thenshe'd be A-OK with Snyder's meeting a firing squad.

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Cher, known for her emoji-laden, all-caps tweetstorms,tweeted, "GOV.Of MICHIGAN IS A MURDERER HE Made Decision 2GAVE ppl POISON WATER,&NOW MUST SIGN DISASTER BILL.CHILDREN WILL"NEVER"RECOVER #JAILFORRICK."


In response to the "firing squad" hashtag, Snyder's spokesperson, Dave Murray, issued a press statement.

"It's unfortunate that someone would use rhetoric at a time when the governor is working so closely with Flint's leaders on coordinated efforts to protect the health and welfare of people in the city and across our state," Murray said according to the Daily Mail.

For his part, Snyder told WILXthat suggesting he be found guilty and sentenced to meet a firing squad"doesn't help solve the problem."


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