If you thought Ken Bone’s 15 minutes would be up by now, think again. The red-sweater-wearing undecided voter who took America by storm after asking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump an energy-related question during Sunday’s presidential debate has now inspired a sexy Halloween costume.

“It was clear before the debate had even ended who the real star was that night,” Chad Horstman, founder and CEO of costume creator Yandy.com, said in a statement. “The Ken Bone phenomenon has only picked up speed since, and we knew right away that a sexy costume version would be in huge demand this Halloween season.”

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The “Sexy Undecided Voter” costume — which sold out of its initial run four hours after going on sale less than 48 hours after the debate — includes a red crop top, blue high-waisted pants, a Bone-like mustache, glasses and microphone so wearers can ask their very own hard-hitting questions on Halloween night.

The costume retails for $99.95, and pre-orders are slated to resume soon.

“We are working around the clock to give our customers what they want and pump out as many costumes as possible,” Horstman said.