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November 23 2016

Q: How do I deep fry a frozen turkey? A: You don't.

With your nose to the grindstone, you might have missed some of today's stories. Stay updated with Metro.

Q: How do I deep fry a frozen turkey? A: You don't.

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President Obama gave out his final poultry pardon.

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Alton Brown won’t give advice on how to deep fry a brined turkey, because he would never do that. What would happen if you deep fried a frozen turkey?

Elton John will not be Donald Trump’s one gay friend on inauguration day.

An e-cigarette blew up in a man’s pants and it “looked like fireworks," a witness said.

A stranded humpback whale was euthanized off the coast of New York and residents near the area are very upset.

Emily Gilmore is not liked… by the actress who plays her.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means you’d better start your engines for Black Friday shopping. Get prepared here and find the best sales here.

What NFL games will you bet your yams on this turkey day?

Dr. Ben Carson is “prayerfully and seriously” considering a post in Trump’s cabinet.

A bus driver was put on leave after reports emerged that a 6-year-old allegedly sexually assaulted a another child repeatedly on the bus.

Next year, you will likely be able to hunt a deer with a semiautomatic in Pennsylvania.

Do you know who dumped this pit bull in a garbage bag?

Thanksgiving travel is a pain, but U.S. airports are trying to make things better with pet and parking perks.

How about this pairing: Mark Cuban and Steve Bannon? The two were seen meeting.

In a Cabinet of white men, Trump diversified by adding two women.

It reportedly took authorities two hours to convince Kanye to get help Monday night.

A judge ruled that “Love & Hip Hop” did not steal the idea from “Hip Hop Wives.”They are different shows. No, really.

Mexico might not pay for the wall, but a Mexican cement maker is ready to help Trump fulfill his dream.

This pastor set up a booth like Lucy in “Charlie Brown.”

Chipotle is in trouble again, this time for failing to report another 700 calories (on top of the 300 calories listed on the sign) you’ll ingest with its chorizo burrito.

She’s 99 years old. Her name is America. She’s thrilled to finally be a U.S. citizen.

No drugs or alcohol were found in Chattanooga driver’s system at the time of the deadly crash, according to reports.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

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