A Texas snake inspector is giving the internet a frightening lesson in home maintenance.

According to a Facebook post from Big Country Snake Removal in Buffalo Gap, Texas, the company received a call last week about an adult rattlesnake in a family's toilet. 

"Yes, in their toilet! (The snake found its way in from an opening in a relief pipe that I later sealed)," the post reads. 

But the family's nightmare didn't end there, the post continues.

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"This was the first snake that the family has seen on the property in several years.... When I arrived, I immediately noticed a few problematic areas. Intuition took me directly to a storm cellar where I safely removed 13 adult rattlesnakes. After a thorough perimeter check, I crawled underneath the house where I removed another 10, 5 being babies.... 24 snakes total, (including the toilet snake) and the family had no idea...."

Nathan Hawkins, owner of Big Country Snake Removal, told CBS News that snakes are "actually very, very amazing creatures that are really misunderstand. There are irrational fears around them.”

Receiving about 50 to 75 calls a day, Hawkins, however, advises residents to leave snakes alone and call in an expert. Hawkins does not kill any of the snakes, according to CBS, and instead relocates them or donates them to local colleges to study.

“I get to keep snakes alive that would typically end up with a gunshot wound,” he said.