A 22-year-old Frenchman now reportedly faces jail time and a fine after sending an underaged ex-girlfriend a gun emoji during a messy breakup. 

Bilal Azougagh, 22, received a six month sentence with three months suspended and a €1,000 fine from a French court, London’s Metro reported.  

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The woman, who said she experienced nightmares and “no longer dared come into town” after the text, argued that the emoji constituted a death threat. 

Azougagh’s lawyers disagreed that an emoji in and of itself was a thre, but the court agreed with the woman, saying the emoji could be considered a “real threat” by a reasonable observer. 

It’s not the first time a French court sent scorned lovers to prison for inappropriate messages via text -- a 33-year-old French men, whose name was not made public, was sent to prison in 2014 after phoning and texting his ex nearly 22,000 times.