George Clooney launched today a social justice project aimed at uncovering the facilitators of African war conflicts. This initiative was orchestrated by the Enough Project and co-founded by John Prendergast.

The project, called The Sentry, aims to raise accountability and awareness of the mechanisms behind these violent conflicts.

The Sentry will conduct analysis on how these bloody conflicts are financed and monetized and then inform policy makers on the investigations.

The project was launched just in time for President Obama’s visit to Africa later this week.

Though it may seem like Clooney’s interest in social justice stems from his recent marriage to international human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin Clooney, the actor has been a long-time activist of human rights predating the relationship. In 2010, he also partnered with Prendergast and founded the Satellite Sentinel Project, which used satellites to locate Sudanese President Omar Bashir's army, reported the Huffington Post.

The Sentry's site currently has country briefs on Sudan, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.