A former Indiana University frat star has been sentenced to one year of probation with no prison time after being accused of two separate counts of rape.

The outcome of John P. Enochs' trial continued to fuel the frustration people felt about a recent sexual assault case in which the accused Stanford University student, Brock Turner, was sentenced to only six months in jail.

Outraged social media users took to Twitter to express their disbelief over the unfairly light sentences the Stanford swimmer and IU business student alum received. 

Enochs, 22, initially denied charges accusing him of two counts of felony rape in connection to assaults that occurred in 2013 and April 2015, according to NBC Chicago. The former business student, facing charges punishable by 16 years in prison, plead guilty to misdemeanor battery. According to court records, Enochs served one day in jail, and received on year probation. 

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“The most frustrating aspect of this case is the fact that there were two unrelated complaints against the defendant, but neither was sufficient to prove rape,” Robert T. Miller, chief deputy prosecuting attorney for Monroe County, Ind, told the New York Times.

The more recent sexual assault case reportedly occurred in April 2015 at Enoch’s fraternity house. Security video showed the victim exiting a room where the assault took place, according to Fox 59, 24 minutes before the accused fraternity member led her inside.

The victim told police she could not identify the man who raped her at the Delta Tau Delta house, but remembered him holding her down while she repeatedly asked him to stop before eventually escaping his grasp and fleeing the room. Health officials determined the victim suffered a laceration to her genitals.

IU’s Delta Tau Delta chapter house is no stranger to scandalous crimes. Just a month before the April 2015 rape occurred, a fraternity member was arrested for ordering and dealing exorbitant amounts of Xanax pills from Canada, the IDS reported.

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The first alleged rape occurred in October 2013 at the Delta Zeta sorority house, but wasn’t investigated until two years later when the second report was announced and the victim agreed to help investigators. The sorority member told the IDS that she had a “really weird feeling” the man who sexual assaulted her the night of her date party had something to do with the 2015 case.

Enochs was offered the plea bargain after turning himself in to authorities on Sept. 11, 2015 because of lack of sufficient evidence. Many of the witness testimonies from the 2013 case admitted to being under the influence of alcohol, and another witness admitted she may have jumped to the conclusion that Enochs raped the alleged victim because she did not see his penis enter her vagina when she saw the pair through a window, according to Cosmopolitan.

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Despite the two different counts of sexual assault against Enochs, DNA evidence reportedly made it difficult for prosecutors to prove the defendant was the perpetrator behind the rapes.

Prosecuting attorney Bob Miller said in a statement that neither case could present sufficient evidence to prove rape because of evidence that continued to be developed after the case was filed.

In speaking to the Times, Enochs’s lawyer, Katharine C. Liell, not only denied the rape allegations against her client, but also any comparisons to the Stanford case.

“He’s not Brock Turner,” she said.