An Alabama man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison after pleading guilty to murdering his daughter's sex abuser, reports said.

Jay Maynor, 43, was charged with the 2014 shooting death of Raymond Earl Brooks, 59, in Cullman, Alabama, according to Inside Edition

Brooks served 27 months for sexually abusing Maynor's daughter who was 8 at the time and his adopted granddaughter. 

In 2014, when his daughter was in her early 20s, Maynor snapped one day, according to Inside Edition, first trying to shoot a man his stepdaughter was dating for allegedly abusing her. He then went to Brooks' house, where he shot and killed him in the front yard.

He pleaded guilty to the murder so his daughter reportedly wouldn't need to testify. Support, however, including a Facebook page and petition has grown for Maynor and his freedom since his arrest. 

Maynor also received 20 years for attempted murder in the first shooting, which he will serve concurrently.