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‘Nacho’ average sex crime: Ohio woman arrested for allegedly trading sex for nachos

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No word on whether the requested nachos (not pictured) were plain cheese or supreme.<Jennifer Feuchter/Flickr Commons

This Ohio woman offered a sex act to an undercover officer and asked for her payment in nachos.

Not so fast. Brendan Dassey, known from NetFlix’s “Making a Murderer,” was supposed to be released from prison on Friday, but a U.S. court put the kybosh on those plans.

Autumn leaves are coloring the landscape, but look closer at that leaf. (Eeek!It’s a spider!)

Rethink dipping your toe in that hot spring! A man fell into a hot spring at Yellowstone Park and essentially dissolved.


It seems like reality TV star-turned POTUSDonald Trump is offering jobs to people who just don’t want them, but would Mitt Romney say “yes” if offered secretary of state?

"It was brought to my knowledge that my son (sic) began receiving hormone replacement treatments from Park Nicollet Health Services to transition from male to female, with medical assistance paying for this," Anmarie Calgaro told reporters.

“One of the things that struck me as odd about this election, and maybe I just missed it, is nobody asked Donald Trump what makes America great,” Jon Stewart, who appears to have tamed his retirement beard, said in an interview.

“The world’s saddest cat” has many happy days ahead of him in hisfur-ever home.

She said no

A photo posted by BenBen (@benbencatcat) on

This woman ischallenging a Minnesota law that allows minors to seek medical treatments without parental consent. Why?

Got Guy Fieri fever? A craving for more Fieri?Get in on FieriCon!


This woman’s wheelchair was stolen, but akind soul gave her a new one.

An American, a Russian and a French astronaut get into a rocket. Not the set up for a bad joke. Amultinational crew blasted offand is heading to the International Space Station.

Oh, and no big deal.Just a polar bear petting a dog. Guys, YOU GUYS! A polar bear is petting a dog! Not a drill!

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