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PHOTOS: Cities worldwide welcome 2016

As the new year arrived, it was greeted with colorful parties.
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    People watch fireworks during New Years ce|Getty Images

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    A woman jumps in the air as she poses for a p|REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

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    Fireworks over Sydney, Australia.

    |Getty Images

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    A child makes an angel in the confetti on the|REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

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    Fireworks in Mexico City.

    |Getty Images

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    Times Square


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    The new year is welcomed in Toronto.

    |Getty Images

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    Fireworks in Philly.

    |Getty Images

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    Party goers getting into the groove at the|Getty Images

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    Welcome to Miami.

    |Getty Images

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    New York City moment. Happy New Year.

    |Getty Images

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    People attend New Year's celebrations at Champs Elysees Avenue on January 1, 2016 |Getty Images

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    Pope Francis leads a mass at St Peter's basilica on January 1st, 2016 at the Vatic|Getty Images

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    Smoke billows from the Address Downtown Hotel, after it caught on fire hours earli|Getty Images

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    People cheer during a New Year's Eve countdown event at the Tai Miao Temple in Bei|Getty Images

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    People take pictures of a fireworks display in South Korea.

    |Getty Images

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    Fireworks light the sky over the Bolshoy Kamenny bridge in Moscow, Russia.

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    Exploding fireworks reflect in the water of the Maschsee lake in Hanover, central |Getty Images

2016 arrived with a display of enthusiasm and celebration as cities around the world welcomed a new year.

First in Australia, 2016 spread westward, arriving last in the Americas. As the new year took hold in international metropolises, people partied.

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Fireworks and crowds were everywhere, but there were also confetti angels and police – plenty of police.

Here are some of the moments captured as populations celebrated a new beginning.


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