Denmark is still making a splash on Ipanema Beach — and the internet — with its 2016 Rio Olympics hospitality house, Heart of Denmark.

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”We’re tapping into brand-new features on Snapchat and Instagram and have a number of other SoMe [social media] activities lined up at the Danish pavilion too, in order to create a buzz and boost the coverage of Denmark," content digital manager of VisitDenmark Donna Sandahl Sørensen said. "We set a goal to engage, share and communicate with our guests, the media and a worldwide audience, and this approach has gone down really well. Even the media have made a note our pavilion’s many SoMe activities and of our strategic use of SoMe in the Heart of Denmark initiative."

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According to VisitDenmark, the new features include:

  • Snapchat on-demand geofilters: Guests at the Danish pavilion are offered a Heart of Denmark Geofilter on Snapchat to make their visit to the Heart of Denmark pavilion unique in a new and fun way. 
  • Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go was launched in Brazil on Aug. 3 and so chasing Pokemon next to the Danish pavilion on certain dates and times seemed like a given in the quest to attract more visitors and attention. The Pokemon Go chase at the Heart of Denmark is rounded off on Aug. 19-20 with two Pokestops near the pavilion loaded with lure modules, so expect lots of Pokemon Go fun for the last three days of the Olympics with the Danes on Ipanema Beach!
  • Instagram Stories: Instagram has launched a new application, that makes combining images and video into short stories easy as pie. After the official opening of the Danish pavilion, a short story made by Heart of Denmark on Instagram was very well received by the users.
  • Virtual Reality: A short 360 degree video about Denmark and the Danish way of living shown at the pavilion has turned out to be so popular that guests are lining up for up for hours to try out the special virtual reality glasses at hand.