It’s hot and it’s important to stay hydrated, but for some at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, there is no mouth dry enough, no body sweaty enough to get them to drink Donald Trump Ice.

SNL's Colin Jost and Michael Che offered Donald Trump-branded bottle water to people outside the DNC at the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday and getting only a few takers. 

Yes, Donald Trump has his own water complete with his name and likeness on the label. Trump Natural Spring Water, also known as Trump Ice, is sold in Trump Café On-The-Go in Trump Tower for $2.45. Marco Rubio received a prank care package from The Donald In October 2015 complete with Donald Trump Ice and towels "for him sweating," CNN reported.

So, what did hardcore Democrats think of guzzling some icy cold Trump water as temperatures neared 100 degrees? 

“Oh, no, no, no,” one woman said handing the bottle back to Che.

A woman took the water, but when she saw Trump's smiling face on the label, she screamed and said, "I'd rather die of thirst!"

"No thank you," a polite woman said to Jost. "I'll walk away tired and thirsty."

And there were, of course, spit takes.

After hate seemingly trumping hydration, Jost and Che threw it back to Jost and Che sitting at the desk. “Everybody took the water," the news anchor version of Che said. "We’ll be honest. It was hot.”