North Korean and international sky divers on Sunday (September 25) joined the second and final day of an air show in the east coast city of Wonsan, North Korea.

Video provided to Reuters by the North's official news agency KCNA, which cannot be independently verified, showed sky divers in the air over Kalma Airport and receiving loud applause from spectators.

"I had really good time here. Everybody is very courteous and friendly. I had a really good time. I'm very exciting sky diving, to be the first sky divers to come from international," said Jaques Douglas, a sky diver from the U.S.

KCNA said that both civil and military aircraft were mobilised for the air festival.

In April, the North's sole major ally China banned exports to the country of jet fuel and other oil products used to make rocket fuel, a move in line with new United Nations sanctions on Pyongyang after its January 6 nuclear test and rocket launch.

Much of North Korea's aviation fuel appears to come from China. In 2015, the isolated country spent more than $877,000 importing 1,415 tonnes of Chinese jet fuel, according to Chinese customs data - enough for North Korea to operate its fleet of largely Soviet-era military aircraft.

Despite the resolution, the air festival opened on Saturday (September 24) for two days.