Your faith in humanity is about to be restored.

A Philadelphia woman told NBC10 that the engagement ring she's worn for 33 years was lost — and then miraculously returned after a Facebook post about the missing ring went viral.

Judy Kluska told reporters that, on New Year's Day, she was shopping at the Cherry Hill Mall in South Jersey. After a few hours in the mall, she realized her ring was missing. After a fruitless search there at the mall, Kluska's son, Jason, posted about the ring on Facebook. reported that his post was shared 11,000 times. One of those shares got the attention of John Kaiser, who had found the ring that day while he was shopping.

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Jason Kluska added that Kaiser swiftly "inboxed" him — and the ring was returned to its owner. 

Even more miraculous? Kaiser only lives six blocks from Kluska and could walk the ring over. To thank Kaiser for his noble deed, Jason Kluska gave him a $1,000 cash reward, too. The PhillyVoice explained that the reward "was likely more than the jewelry's original cost" — but that didn't matter to Kluska.

Though, he did tell PhillyVoice that "his mother is getting the ring resized smaller so it won't fall off again."