Sales of medieval food and drink are up in the UK as Game of Thrones fans rush to recreate Westeros-style cuisine. 

Possibly inspired by Tyrion Lannister's hard-drinking ways, sales of honey-based medieval booze, mead, have increased by 30% at British supermarket Morrisons since the start of series 5 of the HBO smash show.

In the last month its sales of pig’s liver are up 105%, ox liver 94%, beef and lamb bones for stock are up 71% and oxtail 77% – just the kind of cuts that would be served up at a Stark or Tyrell banquet. 

"We were inventive with our cuts of meat - creating a huge range of dishes to use a whole animal," Peter Williamson, development chef at Morrisons told British tabloid The Mirror.

“We were expert fermenters and could make a huge number of ales and meads from simple grains and honey.

"We were also great at preserving and picked a wide variety of vegetables and even fish.

“It’s great that the programme is encouraging people to experiment with Britain’s ancient delicacies.”

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