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While you were dreaming, Israel's PM faced the reality of an end to his reign. India's PM faced criticism after being slow to react to a nun's rape. Care more about war than weed, said Uncle Obama Good Advice. 

Stars of the iconic 30-year-old teen flick "Breakfast Club" reunited, while 30-year-old Prince Harry announced his retirement from the army. 

Israel's PM faced defeat

Benjamin Netanyahu could be on the way out after his country votes today. Apparently most Israelis are more interested in improving their day-to-day living conditons than warmongering with Palestine. Watch this space: the change in government could have major impact on world peace. 

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India's PM was slow to react to a serious sex assault

Indians in parliament and on the street are horrified by the government's lame response to the rape of a 75-year-old nun, the latest in a string of really nasty sex attacks on women in the country. The assault took place on Saturday, the PM only just condemned the attack today, and the suspects have still not been charged. 

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Obama says want peace not pot

The President suggested that young people should probably put jobs, peace and war a few notches up their list of political priorities, and being able to skin up without worrying about going to jail should probably be a bit further down.

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Fun-loving soldier Prince Harry planned a retreat from the frontline

If you don't remember his face, you're sure to remember this foxy redhead's pert ass after pictures of it emerged from a Las Vegas strip pool session in 2012. Well, after 10 years and a few Afghanistan tours, he's leaving the army. The charismatic royal is planning a year of doing useful things in Africa before making his next career move. Roving NBC reporter, perhaps? He could replace Pippa Middleton whose recent test shoot for the role was a huge flop. Just a thought. 

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"Breakfast Club" reunited after 30 years

Where are they now? The South by Southwest festival in Texas, that's where. Stars of the iconic 80s teen movie, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy, met to have a chat about the movie at the hip cultural event.

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