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Before you turned on your phone this morning, 148 were feared dead after a German airplane crashed in the French mountains.

Angelina Jolie had revealed new cancer-prevention surgery. The White House called for an end to Israel's Palestine occupation, while ISIS enlisted children for their Syria occupation. 

Trayvon Martin's killer said he didn't feel guilty, while date-raper Darren Sharper admitted he was guilty. 

148 were feared dead in a France air crash

The passengers were traveling on a plane flying from Barcelona, Spain, to Dusseldorf, Germany, which crashed in an inaccessible area of the Alps mountain range in the south of France. Watch this space for updates. 

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Angelina said she'd had her ovaries removed

The Oscar winner and mother of six has had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after a recent cancer scare, two years after her preventative double mastectomy. She had the surgery after learning that she was prone to the same cancers that killed her mother, aunt and grandmother, and wanted to inform other at-risk women of the options. She's now hit menopause at age 39, but says she rests easier knowing she won't die young of ovarian cancer. 

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The White House wanted an end to Palestine occupation

The White House chief of staff suggested Israel withdraw from Palestine after a 50-year occupation, and let it be its own state - at the very least because it would make Israel itself a safer place. It comes as Israel's re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to backtrack on comments he made slating Arab-Israelis ahead of the election. The White House is also cheesed off with his pre-election rejection of a two-state solution, the key to U.S. peace negotiations for years.

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ISIS snatched kids

Islamic State militants have resorted to enlisting kids to their army, with at least 400 kids joining after just 120 adults have signed up since the start of the year.

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Zimmerman blamed Obama for tension

The Florida guy who got off murder charges after killing unarmed teen Trayvon Martin says that the racial tension that's been simmering ever since is due to comments made by President Obama. George Zimmerman also said that he didn't feel remorse over the kid's death. 

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Darren Sharper 'fessed up to date-rape

The former NFL star will be behind bars for at least nine years, after admitting to drugging and raping women in California and Arizona. That's not all - he still has to be tried for similar crimes in Nevada and Louisiana. 

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