TV Watch List: Tuesday, Feb. 21

Actor Tim DeKay directs his “White Collar” costars on location at Yankee Stadium.

‘White Collar’
DRAMA. Once a thief, always a thief? Neal contemplates snagging a valuable piece of baseball history from Yankee Stadium in this episode directed by costar Tim DeKay.
10 p.m., USA

‘Cougar Town’
COMEDY. Jules can’t decide whether to choose Laurie or Ellie as her maid of honor. Couldn’t they just play a game of Penny Can and winner gets the title?
8:30 p.m., ABC

‘It Gets Better’
SPECIAL. The emotional and societal struggles of LBGT youth are chronicled in this special from It Gets Better Project co-creator Dan Savage, who offers messages of hope and support alongside celebrities such as Adam Levine and Margaret Cho.
11 p.m., MTV and Logo

‘The River’
DRAMA. The celebration of finding one of Emmett’s crew members alive is cut short when it’s discovered he’s been cursed. So, hold off on the “Welcome Back!” cake?
9 p.m., ABC

DRAMA. Boyd tries to move in on the Oxy trade — and avoid the business end of that super badass gun Quarles keeps hidden under his sleeve.
10 p.m., FX


NYPD: Suspect fleeing traffic stop shot by cop…

The NYPD said an officer temporarily reassigned for the Summer All Out program shot a suspect who slammed into two NYPD cars and hit a cop in Brooklyn.


De Blasio and first family will travel to…

Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City's first family will travel to Italy later this month for a summer vacation.


TIPS: How to take great photos during 'Manhattanhenge'

Grab your camera and make the perfect picture this Saturday.


Seinfeld emoji cound be available next week

Get your puffy shirts and your marble rye ready, America. Seinfeld emoji could become available as early as next week.


PHOTOS: Topless Cara Delevingne advocates for 'Free the…

Supermodel Cara Delevingne is never one to shy away from the gaze of social media. Yesterday, she chose to advocate for the 'Free the Nipple' campaign via Instagram, where she…


PHOTOS: Axelle Despiegelaere AKA "most beautiful" fan gets…

Axelle Despiegelaere, the "most beautiful" soccer supporter of this year's World Cup, was fired by L'Oreal for a hunting photo on her Facebook account.


Final season of 'Glee' will be only 13…

The final season of "Glee" will officially be only 13 episodes, instead of the usual 22.


Complex characters, juicy scripts boost Netflix's Emmy nominations

The unconventional approach to TV at Netflix netted 31 Emmy nominations, a major achievement after plunging into original programing just last year.


GIF: LeBron James returns to Cleveland so deal…

To anyone out there who is upset about his decision, this .GIF is for you. Enjoy.

World Cup

A game of two popes: Vatican plays down…

By Philip PullellaVATICAN CITY (Reuters) - With Argentina meeting Germany in the World Cup final, the Vatican on Friday brushed aside talk of soccer rivalry…


Which Jets player has the best odds at…

Metro New York asked Bovada.LV to rank the top three contenders for the NFL MVP on the Jets.

World Cup

Argentina prevails in penalties, advances to final

The drama never seems to subside as the World Cup finally has its final two.


Fart gas might prevent cancer

You might not like the smell, but fart gas might help prevent cancer.


Mesh sheds light on top 10 dating deal…

What are New Yorkers' top 10 dating deal breakers? Find out here.


This Week in Health: Sexual headaches can be…

Sexual headaches: an under-discussed health issue Location: U.S. Results: If getting frisky brings on a headache, you’re not alone. Headaches associated with sexual activity represent a…


Head to FiDi for free Chia Pods from…

They may have been last summer's darlings, but chia seeds have definitely not gone out of style. A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, they…