‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 11, ‘Sabotage’

Amanda and Daniel are getting close again on "Revenge."

Another week, another “Revenge” fake-out, amiright? Tonight opens with a close-up on a bloody body clothed in black and a ski mask. We get a glimpse of Amanda’s infamous infinity tattoo, so the body is either hers or someone else with that same tattoo. Surely they can’t kill off the main character though. Where will this take us?
Two days earlier, Aidan and Amanda are dealing with the aftermath of the kiss she shared last week with Daniel. She says it didn’t mean anything and that he needs to trust her and not disappear, because Daniel’s their best link to their families. Aidan tells Amanda and Helen Crowley from the Initiative made contact with him, wants his complicity and informed him that his sister Colleen is still alive. Amanda says not to believe her without proof. Aidan is still jealous that Amanda and Daniel are getting close again.
After an awkward hello kiss, Daniel and Amanda meet in Daniel’s Grayson Global office. She’s hosting a wine auction to benefit kids in the foster care system (here’s your “Revenge” party of the week). Helen calls Daniel with a tip that a company called Stonehaven is gonna soon be raking it in and Grayson Global needs to acquire it. Amanda, who of course was listening in on the call, takes this information to Victoria.
Meanwhile, Jack’s still in jail for drug trafficking. He’s talking through that prison plate glass window with Emily and telling her that this is all payback to what happened to the Ryans’ father. Jack warns Emily not to get involved with the Ryans because they’ll hurt them and baby Carl.
Conrad is taking a visit with a one Mr. Jason Prosser, once his former biggest rivals. Victoria tells Conrad about Daniel’s soon-to-be-deal with Stonehaven. Conrad tells her that Stonehaven is a disaster recovery firm, leading them to believe that the Initiative is going to profit off another disaster sometime in the near future. Victoria says she’ll thwart the Initiative using Jason as sabotage. The first step is getting Amanda to invite him to her benefit.
Declan and Emily have teamed up against the shady Ryan brothers. The Ryans want to buy the Stowaway—even if just for a dollar—but Declan won’t let that happen. Kenny advises Declan to just “go along to get along” with his crazy brother, but Declan’s not letting him off the hook. Both these brothers are trouble.
Nolan and Daniel meet because Daniel has discovered missing funds, and Nolan says he keeps his failed developments—namely, Carrion, the little tool Marco introduced us to last week—under wraps. Daniel says from now on he needs full disclosure from him. Nolan rehires Padma, which makes Marco jealous.
Ashley returns to Grayson Manor—she wants money from Conrad, and her job back. Conrad’s reluctant at first but then says he could use her help on an upcoming “project.”
Daniel and Amanda are enjoying some Chinese take-out in his office. Amanda says she’s having trouble nailing down a certain investor—Helen Crowley—for the benefit, but just then she calls Daniel. Remember, she’s rigged Daniel’s office and is watching his every move. Guess Amanda being there made her a bit suspicious. Amanda convinces her to come to the benefit, as it’ll make Daniel look good as the new Grayson Global CEO.
Nolan thinks Marco tipped Daniel off to the development of Carrion, but Marco says it wasn’t him and that he’s still trying to rebuild his trust. Do we believe him?
The weekly “Revenge” party happens a little early in this week’s episode. At the wine auction, Nolan of course has the whole security and lighting system rigged. Jason Prosser is in attendance, as are Aidan, Amanda, Victoria and Daniel. Jason and Daniel go into a bidding war for a bottle of wine, with Daniel eventually winning with a $1 million payment. Jason seems a little crestfallen and asks for some alone time with Victoria.

Declan tells Jack (still in jail) that the Ryans want the bar. Declan doesn’t understand why. Jack tells him it’s time he knew the truth. Elsewhere, Charlotte and Emily take a stroll with baby Carl, and Emily asks Charlotte to go to her parents for help. Victoria did say she’d stick her neck out for Emily whenever she needed.

Back at the auction, Helen shows, and she and Aidan “remeet.” Nolan and Amanda think he may be trying to hedge his bets: If Aidan gets on Helen’s good side, perhaps she’ll lead him to his sister.
Charlotte and Emily take their case to Conrad, who initially refuses. Bad-girl Emily resurfaces and slyly slips Conrad’s watch into her pocket. Then, Ashley corners Conrad—if he wants to get back on the public’s good graces, and one day run for office, this is a good opportunity to help. He changes his mind. Meanwhile, Emily pawns Conrad’s watch for a gun.

Helen and Aidan get stuck in an elevator that quickly fills with smoke. We then see them in a basement being held at gunpoint by two masked assailants (who we saw on the ground at the beginning of tonight’s episode) who want to know about Stonehaven. Aidan takes the assailants down and he and Helen escape. Who are our masked intruders? Why none other than Nolan and Amanda, and, by the way, Aidan is in on the whole thing. Of course, why would they really kill Amanda? But seriously, can we one day stop with all these fake-outs, “Revenge”? I’d like some real drama with my snark, thankyouverymuch!

Anyways, cut to Jason and Victoria on a swanky NYC rooftop. Jason’s got a thing for her. She tells him that Daniel’s acquiring Stonehaven, but it’s not yet public knowledge. Victoria kisses him goodbye but listens in as he places a phone call to someone saying that “the target is Stonehaven.” Shady.

At the Stowaway, Emily threatens one of the Ryan brothers with her gun. Conrad gets Jack out of jail and admits that it was to improve his own image.

Nolan and Padma head back to the office where they find Marco working late. Nolan is still suspicious of him, so he checks Marco’s email—a ghost account, because he wouldn’t be sending suspicious emails through Nolcorp’s host—and finds an email to Daniel about the missing funds. Nolan fires Marco, who says he’s making a huge mistake.

Daniel comes over to Amanda’s with the million-dollar wine (which they end up spitting out because it takes so bad), and Aidan “returns” to “get his things” from their “breakup.” You can tell he’s still a little peeved Amanda’s getting close with Daniel again.

Amanda’s voiceover rambles on about how sometimes one’s heart can be a fatal flaw in one’s plans, blah blah blah, business as usual over here, and then, oh my God, Padma! She’s on the phone with Helen. She’s got confirmation that Nolcorp is hiding information on the Carrion program somewhere inside the company. Helen says they’re counting on her. That conniving witch! Did any of you see this coming?


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