‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 12, ‘Collusion’

Conrad calls a meeting with Ashley, Jack and Emily on "Revenge."

“Revenge” must be really be trying to hook us right away, because tonight opens with a little soft-core porn. Amanda and Aidan are really getting it on—or is it Amanda and Daniel? The two guys’ faces switch mid-coitus. Guess we’ll never know—it’s all a dream in that Amanda’s having in her Shabby-Chic bedroom.

Cue to Conrad and Victoria enjoying breakfast. Victoria tells him that Jason Prosser is going after Stonehaven, but Conrad is focused on his political ambitions and says he needs her support. Charlotte comes in, it’s her birthday! Nice to see her reach 18 clean and sober (we hope). Of course Daniel forgot Charlotte’s big day. Then, it’s Ashley’s turn to make an entrance. Things are icy between her and Victoria ever since that sex tape, as evidenced by lovely lines like “ah, the cat has dragged itself back in.”

Meanwhile, Amanda tells Aidan she feels bad about leading on her ex-fiance, who’s about to take her to lunch, and Aidan tells her that he’s subsisting on hope now that Helen has told him his sister’s alive. Elsewhere, the writers fool us again, as we get a close-up on Nolan telling Padma “I know what you’re up to,” but it’s really just a conversation they’re having about a possible house he’s buying. It’s a great place, but it’s got one problem: The key is a bit “pedestrian” for Nolan’s taste. Of course. It’s OK. Nolan’s still good in my eyes.

Daniel whisks Amanda away to LA to help him land The Stowaway (so much for a casual lunch date). He packed her a bag and even bought her some new outfits!

Helen corners Aidan in a parking lot. She shows him a video of Colleen, alive but kidnapped. To see her, she tells him, he must kill Victoria Grayson. Mission accepted!

Conrad holds a little tete-a-tete with Jack and Emily. They have a lot in common, he says, in inheriting their fathers’ businesses as well as the sins of their old mans. Conrad needs Matt Duncan to confess to murdering the Ryans’ father to get them to back off, but Jack wants to protect Matt because Matt has had his back in the past. Conrad says he can’t help Jack if Jack can’t help himself. Emily wants Jack to hand over Matt’s info because it means she and baby Carl will be safe.

Amanda and Daniel meet with Donna from Stonehaven. She’s a little reluctant to hand over power to GG because of the company’s less-than-sterling reputation. Jason Prosser also has his eye on the company.

Back in New York, Padma is looking for Carrion in Nolan’s office. Nolan sees her snooping. She claims she was looking for a place to hide a special keychain she got him, one that wards off evil spirits. They share a tender moment, but he’s onto her.

Charlotte and Emily are bonding. Charlotte tells Emily she and Victoria have a little birthday tradition of seeing the ballet every year. “So what’s the program tonight? I pray it’s Balanchine!” cries a hopeful Charlotte when mom calls. Except Victoria’s got to cancel, womp womp! Charlotte’s crushed: “I guess you gotta be used to disappoint if you’re a Grayson” she says. It doesn’t always have to be that way, Emily tells her.

Victoria’s in LA to meet Jason Prosser at his hotel. She wants him to take Stonehaven because she doesn’t want Daniel to have it. She thinks if Daniel gets it it’ll put the family in hot water—they’re profiteers, and it’s a bad investment. Of course, since this is “Revenge,” everyone is always within a five-feet radius of each other, so it’s just a matter of time until Daniel and Victoria catch each other at the hotel, and they do, in the lobby, where they get into a little verbal brawl. Who else is at this hotel but Aidan, who’s after Victoria! Helen found him, he tells Amanda. If the Initiative believes Aidan’s in cahoots with Victoria, though, it could be bad for the two of them. Amanda needs Aidan to dissuade Jason from taking the business. Making Stonehaven a sure thing for Daniel forces Victoria to show her true intent as to why they don’t want him to have it. Aidan does as told, telling Jason that Stonehaven has a lawsuit against it and is a bad investment. Jason gets Donna on the phone.

Jack visits Matt Duncan at the hospital he’s about to leave because his insurance has run out. He’s trying to get a confession from Matt for the murder of the Ryans’ father. He doesn’t want to give it. Conrad, though, tells a Ryan brother he has it (does he?) when he goes to the Stowaway, orders the oldest Scotch they have, and bribes him: Here’s $50,000, now get out and stay out.

Victoria visits Jason at his hotel room, looking like the seductress she is, and Jason is pissed. He thinks Victoria lied to him about Stonehaven—it’s a bad deal, and he no longer wants it. But no! This can’t happen, it’s not part of Victoria’s plan. She desperately wants him to take Stonehaven so that Daniel will be safe. He doesn’t want Stonehaven, he wants her. She tells him she’ll be his if she does what he asks. They kiss and the deal is pretty sealed. Meanwhile, Aidan’s outside the window aiming a gun at Victoria. Commercial break!

At the pool, Daniel gets a call from Donna: Prosser’s back in. Amanda encourages him to get some dirt of Prosser, so Daniel asks Nolan to do it. While he’s on the phone, Amanda’s doing some sleuthy texting: She wants Nolan to hack into Aidan’s phone for her.

One Ryan brother is pissed at the other (I can never tell them apart) for selling their stake in the bar. He vows to get back at Conrad for the investment. “I’m gonna make Dad proud with or without your help,” one shady Ryan brother says to the other.

Daniel and Jason make their final pitches to Donna over dinner (Amanda’s there too). Daniel presents some dirt Nolan dug up on Jason, so he withdraws. Nolan has also gotten dirt from Aidan’s phone to Amanda: There’s a video of Colleen, in email that says “A life for a life.” Amanda figures out that Aidan is after Victoria. She of course stops him from firing his gun seconds before he’s about to kill Victoria (do you really think they’d kill of Victoria Grayson? And mid-season, no less?) You can’t let the Initiative turn you into their assassin, she tells Aidan. Killing Daniel’s mom will distract him from going along with their plan. He needs to seal Daniel’s victory, and then they’ll be able to find Aidan’s sister on their terms, not the Initiative’s. Daniel and Amanda fly back, but Amanda’s cold and he senses it.

Padma and Nolan are talking and she brings up Carrion. How does she know about it? He never told her. Uh-oh. Victoria shows up at Amanda’s, wondering why she went to California. Amanda says she thought she could sway Daniel—but in which direction, Victoria wants to know? Two can play that game, Amanda says. She just wanted to see Daniel win. In turn, Victoria tells her, “you may have cost him his greatest loss.” 

Amanda tells Nolan she’s concerned she’s losing Victoria. Nolan tells her he’s concerned about Padma knowing about Carrion, a program, we learn, that can knock out power in Manhattan in a millisecond. Why would the Initiative want to cut the power in Manhattan? It’s not that, Nolan says, but what they’ll do when the lights are out. Amanda’s advice? “Play her like she’s playing you.” He gets his proof by watching her embark on a wild goose chase through his office for a platinum card — he’s set it up so that she’ll stumble upon Carrion. She finds it and of course doesn’t let on to him that she did.

Annnnd bon anniversaire Charlotte, Victoria exclaims. What a lovely little surprise she, Conrad and Daniel (and Amanda!) have put together for the birthday girl’s 18th. This is nice and all, but Charlotte’s got a surprise of herself: Since she’s now an adult, she’s changing her last name to Clarke. Burn!

Daniel and Amanda share a drink and she comes clean about something (hey, it’s a start). She tells him Victoria told her to rekindle her relationship with Daniel (which is partially true; she’s also back with him to glean info for her mission). But ha! Daniel knows his mother had something to do with them getting back together—that Victoria Grayson is always meddling! They’re sitting far apart on the couch and it’s all very symbolic.

Conrad stood by his word and got the charges against Jack dropped. The Ryans are gone for now, yippee! But not so fast. One of them goes to Conrad—he needs to Stowaway because he needs the land. He wants to build a casino in the area. Think of how many jobs that will create! It will make Conrad look good in the public eye. Suddenly, Conrad is intrigued. Ashley tries to get him out of this conversation, but Conrad’s not having it.

Aidan’s waiting outside Amanda’s house. He’s fixated on a new video on his phone. It’s Colleen, and she’s dead. Amanda tries to convince him to stick with her, but he’s not really having it: He’s been doing everything she says, and where has it gotten him? Nowhere. He’s kind of a wreck, actually. Poor Aidan. I hope, maybe even more so than I do for Amanda, that he gets a happy ending here. He’s been through enough with crazy girl!


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