Photographer Iwan Pruvic captures extreme close-ups of butterflies

butterflies, extreme closeup photography macro
Credit: Iwan Pruvic/Solent

These insects look like aliens from space, but in fact they are huge blow-ups of colorful butterflies snapped in a garden. Bulging eyes stare out from either side of an intricately curled antenna as they are pictured close up.

These photographs were shot by IT worker Iwan Pruvic, in his garden in Tangerang, Indonesia

Photographer’s viewpoint

“I love butterflies but when you look closely at them and take shots like this, it’s almost like seeing an alien species. They’re so strange but beautiful, up close,” says Iwan Pruvic IT worker and photographer from Tangerang, Indonesia

macro mode photography butterflies
Credit: Iwan Pruvic/Solent


The 32-year-old sat just four inches away from the butterflies, patiently creeping closer to the insects to capture every detail of their ornate decorations. His images capture a variety of the 20,000 species that are found across the world. “I took some photos in the afternoon but quite a lot were at night when the butterflies were not active or moving,” said Pruvic.

• Plants. Despite only covering 1.3 per cent of the Earth’s land surface, Indonesia boasts 10 per cent of the world’s flowering plant species.

• Percentage of the world’s animal species that Indonesia accounts for: 12% of mammals, 16% of reptiles and amphibians, 17% of birds, 25% of fish.


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