Just released: Kennedy classics for your bookshelf

"We wrote the book to take people back to this time and show how controversial JFK was," co-author Steven Davis says.
“We wrote the book to take people back to this time and show how controversial JFK was,” co-author Steven Davis says.

“Dallas 1963” by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis
Authors Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis set the stage in the years leading up to the assassination in their much-praised new book, “Dallas 1963.” Between the wealthiest man in the world, the country’s most influential preacher and several other key figures all living in the same city and aligned against Kennedy, the book shows that an assassination was arguably inescapable and destined to happen in Texas. “There were about seven or eight people in the city who were just incredibly forceful, charismatic and almost cinematic in their nature and they were all joined in this confederacy to overthrow John F. Kennedy,” Minutaglio tells Metro.

Author Phillip Shenon was the New York Times' White House correspondent when Kennedy died.
Author Phillip Shenon was the New York Times’ White House correspondent when Kennedy died.

“A Cruel and Shocking Act” by Philip Shenon
New York Times reporter Philip Shenon lets readers in on the conversations of the Warren Commission in the days and weeks after Kennedy’s assassination. Shenon, who was the New York Times’ White House correspondent the year Kennedy was assassinated, reveals shady actions the FBI and CIA took after Kennedy died, starting the book by stating that evidence about the assassination began to disappear from government files within hours of Kennedy’s body being returned to Washington. The information he unearths makes this book an addictive read.

LIFE is honoring Kennedy 50 years after his death by releasing the reprint of their 1963 issue.
LIFE is honoring Kennedy 50 years after his death by releasing the reprint of their 1963 issue.

“LIFE’s The Day Kennedy Died”
To mark the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death, LIFE magazine is releasing a hardback book of the reprint of their entire special issue from 1963. The oversized book is full of glossy photos and also has frame-by-frame photos of Abraham Zapruder’s iconic film footage. The book also includes a special article written by his granddaughter about how the film affected her family. It’s a must for any Kennedy or history buff.


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