Courtney Robertson: 13 types of girls on every season of ‘The Bachelor’

courtney robertson
Courtney Robertson dishes about falling in and out of love with “The Bachelor”‘s Ben Flajnik in “I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends.”
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A “Bachelor” tell-all is finally happening. Iron-clad contracts be damned, former “Bachelor” Season 16 winner Courtney Robertson has written a book detailing everything about the application process, filming her season with Ben Flajnik, and yes, even what happens on the fantasy suite date (In her case, reverse cowgirl.). In “I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends” (out June 24), she goes into great detail about what went wrong with her romance with Flajnik and also gives juicy scoop about her previous boyfriends, including actors Adrian Grenier and Jesse Metcalfe. If you’re a member of ‘Bachelor’ Nation, you already know that Robertson doesn’t hold back or care what people think. This is one juicy book.

We called Robertson for even more dirt (“Yes, Ben’s read the book. He’s not exactly thrilled with it. … But we haven’t really had a friendship anyway.”) but also to get her to round up the types of girl you’ll see without fail on every season of “The Bachelor.” Her answers below:

The girl who is not there to make friends. “I think I said this on my season. Every season there is a girl who says that. Even on the guys season ["The Bachelorette"] someone always says it. You could add it to a ‘Bachelor’ drinking game, where every time someone says it you have to take a drink.”

The drunk girl. “On our season, there was a lot of booze, so there was definitely a lot of drunken tears and cat fights going on, but there’s always one who kind of stands out and is actually slurring in her confessional, totally shammer pants.”

Confessional crier. “I’m sorry. Have these girls never heard of waterproof mascara?”

Girl with the rough past. “This is the sob story girl. There’s always one.”

The girl with the boyfriend back home. ”This happened to my best friend on my season, Casey. Her ex-boyfriend actually contacted the show because he was having a hard time because she was off filming the show. … A lot of time passes between when you apply for the show and when you actually go on, so I can see how something like this could happen. But if I were to have met someone amazing, I wouldn’t have done the show.”

The trouble-starter. “There’s always one girl who is the instigator and starting the gossip.”

The insecure girl. “This is the girl who is always worried she’s going to be sent home. She’ll say things to the other girls like, ‘I don’t know. I just don’t think I’m going to get a rose this week. I could be going home.’ Just constant worrying. Going into every rose ceremony, you never know for sure if you’re going to get one, but it’s weird to talk about with the people you’re competing with.”

VIP cocktail waitress. “There always seems to be one. There also always seems to be a nanny and dental hygienist. Nicki [Sterling] on my season was a dental hygienist and she had amazing teeth. And Ashley Hebert was one too!”

The prude. “There’s always a girl who doesn’t want to kiss on camera. The perfect example of this is Selma [Alameri], on Sean Lowe’s season.

The fashion girl. “This is the girl who is decked out all the time with accessories and everything name brand. Selma Alameri on Sean’s season was a fashion girl. Ashley Frazier, who was on my season, was one.  Jaclyn Schwartz was one too. She packed five suitcases even though we were only allowed to bring two.”

The super fan. “As a viewer, you might not be able to spot the super fan, but as a contestant, you can spot one because she’s always asking the producers for scoop from previous seasons and she knows everything about everyone who has been on the show before.”

The girl who makes a scene about leaving. “She’s always talking about leaving because she isn’t sure if she has that strong of a connection with the bachelor.”

Flat out freak. “There’s always a couple really obnoxious girls and most of the time they leave the first night.”

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