Make Music NewYork In Manhattan



Make music New York is a one day city wide festival
Make music New York is a one day city wide festival

On Saturday, June 21st, from 10 in the morning until 10 at night, musicians of all ages and musical persuasions will perform in public spaces including playgrounds, sidewalks, gardens and close-off streets


  • Upper Manhattan
  • Washington Heights/Inwood

Bennett Park
Fort Washington & W 183rd St
2:00 Paul Tabachneck folk-pop

Fort Tryon Park: NoMAA Uptown Art Stroll
Linden Terrace Flagpole
2:00 Theatre Group Dzieci choral singing with audience interaction
4:00 Helioscope experimental Serbian & Japanese music
6:00 – 9:00 Zev Torres annual MMNY spoken word showcase

Isham Park
Park Terrace W & B’dway
12:00, 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00 Rhymes With Opera presents a new, site-specific opera, “Cantata for Loop Trail,” by composer Erik Spangler

La Plaza De Las Americas
B’dway & 175th St
1:00 WHIN Music Project El Sistema program for Wash. Heights
2:30 The NYC Streetsingers founded by Pete Seeger in 1991
4:00 Los Hijos de la Gran Puna traditional Andean music

Ritz Paints
1594 St Nicholas Ave
1:00 GRES190 Dominican hip-hop
4:00 – 7:00 DJ Sensei Massive

Word Up Community Books: NoMAA Uptown Art Stroll
2113 Amsterdam Ave
10:00 AM – 9:00 Word Up Bookstore Third Anniversary Celebration with performances by MC Maniphes, LexiGlass, The Machine, Gaga P’al Pueblo, Circa 95, Charlie Cruz, Gio Safari and more

  • Harlem

5 and Diamond Restaurant
2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd
7:00 Jeffrey Paul Bobrick Billy Joel meets Josh Groban

Askeya by Marion
2276 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
3:15 Jazel Loren from the 5th season of American Idol
4:00 Olivia Gilmore R&B, delivered smooth

Blvd Bistro
239 Lenox Ave
5:00 Burnell Reid smooth jazz, R&B
7:00 Toni Ann Semple soul

Chez Lucienne
308 Lenox Ave
8:00 Fletchstar “old school” and contemporary funk, R&B

Corner Social
321 Lenox Ave
6:15 Bohio Music Haitian roots

Double Dutch Espresso
2194 Frederick Douglass Blvd
10:15 AM De Rosa clever 60s/70s blues
3:00 ATOM funky remixing
6:00 POEZ “spoken-word pioneer” – NY Times

Drastadub Studios
31 W 127th St
7:00 Num & Nu Afrika roots, rock and reggae with a funky edge

Grandma’s Place
84 W 120th St
10:00 AM Sally Mason from ‘Taylor and the Mason’ acoustic bluesy pop
12:30 Lily Rose Children’s Music
4:00 Gina prolific soul singer

Harlem Care
165 W 127th St
11:00 AM Fort Vine indie band with a secret tree fort
12:30 Cynthia Holiday jazz & blues song stylist
1:30 Bill Simmons R&B
1:45 Kevin Avon
3:00 Sherman Braddox Bey
3:45 Lacy James world & folk singer/songwriter

Harlem Food Bar
2100 Frederick Douglass Blvd
2:00 DJ Stormin Norman Harlem’s own, founder of Sundae Sermon

Harlem Haberdashery
245 Lenox Ave
3:00 Kat Webb soul singer from Austin
5:45 Soul Unlimited “old school” covers

Harlem Tavern
2153 Frederick Douglass Blvd
11:30 AM Chaancé jazz & soul
1:00 Raye 6 pop
2:00 Black Fly Reviews young man with an old bohemian soul
3:30 Deborah Latz Group wide-ranging jazz singer
5:30 Daryl Stewart sings
7:30 Bohio Music Haitian roots

Harlem Valley Garden
197 W 134th St
3:00 Demetrius Daniel poetry & trombone rifts
4:30 Young Audiences New York Youth Choir talented high schoolers sing rock, gospel

Hope Steven Garden
1656 Amsterdam Ave
2:00 Trumpet Grrrl brings her Converse Rubber Tracks studio work
3:00 Rolando R. blues, Latin & rock
4:00 Nkumu Isaac Katalay and the Life Long Project Band pan-African
6:00 Ejaye Tracey evokes Billie Holiday
7:00 Rachel Arac dance beats & sultry vocals

J. D. Wilson Garden
216 W 122nd St
6:00 Marlon Battad one-man-band plays indie-folk
7:00 Milk & Honey Brooklyn folk
8:00 The Goddess Lakshmi band named for goddess of abundance

Jackie Robinson Park
W 147th St & Bradhurst Ave
3:30 Malang Jobateh griot, kora player & singer
4:30 Cathedral Parkway soulful bluegrass
5:30 The Millennials chamber music
6:30 Brooke Watkins accordion

Jado Sushi
2118 Frederick Douglass Blvd
6:00 Jason Yeager jazz pianist
7:00 Kate Chaston jazz singer
8:00 Cynthia Eytina jazz duo, voice & guitar

Katrina Parris Flowers
191 Lenox Ave
12:00 Turquoise jazz, classical, spoken word
2:00 Imani soul

Land Yoga
2116 Frederick Douglass Blvd
12:00 Fort Vine indie band with a secret tree fort
1:00 Ray McGale Acoustic fingerstyle covers

Lennox Ave & W 137th St
11:00 AM – 9:00 Street Corner Resources I AM PEACE movement presents a day of hip-hop, rock, metal, rap and R&B, featuring Bill Popp and The Tapes and Zdub

Lenox Coffee
60 W 129th St
10:00 AM Alissa Vox Raw looping indie songstress
12:00 Thaddeus Strauss conscious hip-hop
2:00 Jeffrey Paul Bobrick Billy Joel meets Josh Groban
3:00 Morrisania Campus Glee Club high school a cappella
3:30 John Longhitano songs from “Good Guy Gets the Girl”
5:00 Martha Mooke electro-acoustic violist
8:00 The Circus Animals Queens of the Stoneage meet Claude Debussy

Marcus Garvey Park: GreenThumb Summer Festival
Amphitheatre at W 122nd St
11:00 AM Santos and the Romantic 5 Salsa Orchestra
2:00 1257 Soul and R&B
3:00 Michelle Nestor jazz

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem
104 E 126th St
2:30 Alon Nechushtan Talat 5 piece groove-folk from NY / Israel

NYPL: George Bruce
518 W 125th St
2:00 Martin Kelley and Affinity jazz trio

NYPL: Hamilton Grange
503 W 145th St
1:00 Parisa soulful storytelling

NYPL: Harlem Library
9 W 124th St
2:00 Daniel Hartig versatile guitarist

Pa-paya Seed Frozen Yogurt
171 Lenox Ave
1:00 Francie Scanlon memorable film music arrangements

Riverside Valley Community Garden
W 138th St & 12th Ave
7:00 Riverside Valley Community Garden Musicians

Saint Nicholas Miracle Garden
330 St. Nicholas Ave
2:00 Joel hip-hop
3:00 Parisa soulful storytelling
4:00 Anand Ramanujam tabla
5:15 Valerie Reaper and the Keepers powerful vocals with a biting edge

196 Lenox Ave
2:30 Mamiko Taira jazz duo
5:30 Deborah Latz Group wide-ranging jazz singer

St. Nicholas Park
St Nicholas Ave at 135th St
5:30 Moonshine Burrito rap’s version of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis
7:00 Thaddeus Strauss conscious hip-hop

Toast Chicken
1268 Amsterdam Ave
12:00 – 9:00 Toast Chicken presents funk/soul/jazz musicians Dennis Davis Trio, Jack Jeffers, John Cookseys Trio, DJ Zubetei Xzz and more

2211 Frederick Douglass Blvd
5:00 Ivelisse del Carmen Puerto Rican singer
7:00 Sangha Tierra 10-piece “world community”

West Harlem Piers Park
Hudson River & W 132nd St
4:00 French Horn Nation amicable aggregation of conical bore brass instruments

William B. Washington Community Garden
327 W 126th St
4:30 Red Sahara soul jazz collective

The Winery
257 W 116th St
4:45 Dub Poet Anton Trinidadian reggae
7:00 Gina prolific soul singer

  • East Harlem

The Brownstone
24 E 125th St
1:00 Rachel Arac dance beats & sultry vocals
4:00 Aisha classic R&B

Emery Rose Salon
1888 Park Ave
2:00 Elijah McGillicuddy Long Island hip-hop
3:00 Kyle Young hip-hop with custom visuals
4:00 CoCo Wade ultra-sexy sounds
5:00 Ruby Khan Rock version of Toni Braxton
6:00 Stephanie Lexis alt. pop

La Marqueta
1590 Park Ave
2:30 Mano multi-lingual rapper from Burkina Faso
3:30 Future Star Studios children & young adult choir

Uptown Wine Pantry
63 E 125th St
2:00 Stephanie Lexis alt. pop
3:30 Lamayah Mariah Carey vocals, Michael Jackson moves
4:30 Forever serious lyrics & undeniable flow
5:30 Benita Charles soul-stirring singer/songwriter
7:00 Kyle Young hip-hop with custom visuals

Urban Garden Center
1640 Park Ave
3:00 The Hurt Project alt electric blues
4:00 The Bryan Durieux Project 4-piece R&B from the Bronx
5:00 Nova prog-rock
6:00 Undakova catchy melodies, dark basslines
8:30 Ran Dosis, Circe and Johnny Hobbes

  • Morningside Heights

Columbia Secondary School Community Garden
Amsterdam Ave & W 119th St
2:00 CSS Four Strings Quartet string quartet created by 7th graders

Low Memorial Library at Columbia University
W 116th St & B’dway
2:00 Mass Appeal Saxophones 100 Saxophones join together for a Sciarrino masterpiece

Marilyn’s New York
487 Manhattan Ave
hosted by comedian and actor Fred Ricks
2:00 Blueswing Band blues, swing
3:15 Kevmoneyy hip-hop songwriter
6:00 Blueswing Band
7:15 Kevmoneyy

Morningside Park
At 116th St
7:00 Kwame Binea diverse and kinetic soulful rock

NYPL: 115th Street
203 W 115th St
1:00 Caprice Starbrite singer/songwriter
2:00 Olivia Gilmore R&B, delivered smooth

Riverside Park
Promenade at 100th St
12:00 Navatman Indian classical music

Promenade at 105th St
10:00 AM Oldsoultunes standards
11:00 Doug Makofka solo accordion, Bach to blues
12:00 Zoe Guigueno & Phil Haynes free jazz

Promenade at 110th St
12:00 Bloomingdale School of Music students & faculty perform

Promenade at 116th St
12:00 Dave Lippman singalong parodies for a cause
2:00 Anti-Social Music new music by composer/performer collective

Sakura Park
Riverside Dr & W 122nd St
11:00 AM Helioscope Serbian & Japanese influences
12:00 Megumi Watada angelic pop singer
^^1:00 American Composers Orchestra presents the [kaj] Ensemble celebrating the next generation of composers through works from ACO’s award-winning “Compose Yourself” class
5:00 The Harlem Chamber Players serenades by Hummel, Pleyel & Beethoven
8:00 Fort Vine indie band with a secret tree fort

  • Central Park

Dairy Lawn
Enter at W 59th St & 6th Ave
1:00 – 3:00 The New York Gong Ensemble with Master Don Conreaux
4:00 – 8:00 Around the World By Land with HarmoNYom a rhythmic journey of Indian Classical music

Dana Discovery Center
W 110th St & 5th Ave
12:00 – 3:00 Around the World By Land with Iona Scottish Session / Scottish Octopus / Dangersparkle and the Lion traditional and contemporary Celtic music

Frederick Douglass Circle
W 110th St & CPW
4:00 The Cosmonauts funk, new-wave, dance-rock
4:30 DeJaVoux R&B duo
5:00 Just Another Folk Singer post-punk
5:30 Caprice Starbrite sassy singer/songwriter
6:00 The Queens Of Everything three ladies making music with strings
6:30 Emily’s Escape dreamy German-American pop
7:00 Marcelo Cicconet computer scientist by day, guitarist by night

Great Oval Hill
W 104th St & CPW
10:30 AM Lily Rose Children’s Music
11:00 Parisa soulful storytelling
12:00 Breanna Barbara avant blues
1:00 New York Late Starters String Orchestra for beginning or recently returning adult string players
2:30 Villa Palagonia where NSEW & humanity collide
3:30 The NYCStreetsingers founded by Pete Seeger in 1991
6:00 Anand Ramanujam tabla
7:00 Nova Safra Bateria Brazilian samba from Queens

Ladies Pavilion
Enter at W 75th & CPW
4:00 Mass Appeal Harmonicas Come one, come all to learn to play harmonica and walk away with one of your own donated by Hohner!

Stranger’s Gate
W 106th St & CPW
12:00 Joe Hardy Wiley funny & lonesome folk

Rumsey Playfield
7:00 -M- and Émilie Simon French pop with the legendary Mattieu Chedid (“M”), and opening act Émili Simon bringing her 6th album to NYC. Presented in association with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Bureau Export, and City Parks Foundation

Warwick Arch
Enter at 84th St & West Dr
12:00 – 4:00 “Voice Activated” New Music Flash Choir contemporary classical singer compatriots, organized by Dafna Naphtali

West Dalehead Arch
64th St & West Dr
5:00 Mass Appeal Flutes Presented by the Americas Society, 100 flutes join forces to play Henry Brant’s Mass for June 16.

  • Upper East Side

82nd Street Greenmarket
E 82nd St & 1st Ave
12:00 Dave Keener singer/songwriter

Indonesian Consulate
5 E 68th St
11:00 AM ensemble, et al. contemporary percussion
12:00 Around the World By Land with Gamelan Kusuma Laras Indonesian Gamelan, performed on instruments originally made for the 1964 World’s Fair
7:00 Appalachian (Summer): Copland’s “Appalachian Spring” for 13 instruments with conductor Andrew Niess

International Preschools
345 E 86th St
10:00 AM Mr. Doug & Friends singalong for ages 2-6
11:00 AM Composer’s Voice I works by contemporary composers
12:00 Circuit Bridges electroacoustic
1:30 60×60 New York Mix “60 new pieces of music, each lasting no more than 60 seconds, is the kind of madness that makes the cultural world go round” – NY Times
3:00 Composer’s Voice II

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
331 E 70th St
1:45 Stormin’ Norman & Friends bluesy New Orleans trio

Carl Schurz Park
E 84th St & E End Ave
Presented by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer
12:00 Dave Ruder woodwind mayhem
4:00 – 8:00 XXX

NYPL: 58th Street
127 E 58th St
2:00 Mariamusician pianist, singer/songwriter
3:00 Ivelisse del Carmen Puerto Rican singer

  • Upper West Side

All Angels’ Church
251 W 80th St
12:00 Rachel Zylstra witty, complex story-songs
1:00 Tobias Christian Wong haunting vocal acuity
2:00 Carey Wallace soulful lullabies
3:00 Paul Johnson 60s folk
4:00 John Mosloskie experimental indie-folk
5:00 Bryan Brown indie, folk, funk

Bloomingdale Playground
W 104th & Amsterdam
12:00 Andrea Wright jazz/pop singer
1:00 BTDMusic hip-hop duo with a southern slant
2:00 maddanmusic multi-keyboardist

Columbus Ave BID Plaza
W 80th St & Columbus
12:00 Oldsoultunes standards
3:00 Martha Mooke electro-acoustic violist
4:00 Plasmonic Wood instrumental funk-rock
5:00 Cesare Papetti contemporary percussionist
6:00 Just Another Folk Singer post-punk
7:00 Avram Fefer grooving jazz improv

Council Member Helen Rosenthal’s Office
563 Columbus Ave
12:00 Gilberto Colon Jr Latin jazz & salsa
2:00 Kevin Wang Group modern jazz

Frederick Douglass Playground
W 100th & Amsterdam
12:00 maddanmusic multi-keyboardist
1:00 Oldsoultunes standards
2:00 Dub Poet Anton Tridiadian reggae

MLK Educational Complex
122 Amsterdam Ave
Kaufman Center presents 1:00 Face the Music the country’s only pre-college ensemble dedicated to new music by living composers. Performing music by Daniel Bernard Roumain, Gregor Huebner & Zachary Detrick

Mobilization for Change Garden
Columbus Ave & W 107th St
2:00 – 5:00 Performances by Alison Lobren, Joshua Schneider, Kyla Chapman, Georgia Duan, Mue Liu, Chad Grossman, Annie Anzalone, and Lisa Dachlini

NYPL: Riverside
127 Amsterdam Ave
3:00 Solstice Singers medieval, classical & folk tunes

NYPL: St Agnes
444 Amsterdam Ave
2:00 Uptown Sound vocal jazz ensemble
3:00 Divaria Productions accessible opera

Privia Piano Bar: Uptown Girl Stop
Outside of Symphony Space, W 95th St & B’dway
12:00 Privia Piano Bar Roving Billy Joel karaoke from the back of a pick-up truck

Richard Tucker Square
B’dway & W 66th St
5:00 – 9:00 Around the World By Land with Les Ballets de l’Opera Chinois de New York Beijing opera and Chinese ballet

Riverside Park
Lawn at 80th St
1:00 Walrus rock
2:00 Mark From 3A with Jason from Apt. 3D
3:00 Leo Liebeskind impassioned folk
4:00 Andy Marino love songs

Straus Park
B’dway & W 106th St
7:30 Mass Appeal Recorders Deborah Booth leads a participatory recorder ensemble – any recorder player may join in.

Theodore Roosevelt Park
Columbus Ave & W 81st St
2:00 Mass Appeal Mandolins The NY Mandolin Orchestra welcome participants to join in this massive mandolin play along

West Park Presbyterian Church
165 W 86th St
10:00 AM Andy Craig percussion, bass and piccolo
11:30 Tania Stavreva “Bulgarian-born piano dynamo” – Time Out NY
12:45 Jeremy Mage Grammy-winning pianist
1:45 Pat O’Connell acoustic Americana
2:30 Alia Alhan traditional Kazakh folk
3:15 Mandola Joe Ornstein mandolinist
4:00 David Smythe rock
4:30 Debra Griner singer-songwriter

  • Midtown

Hell’s Kitchen

John Jay College
Eleventh Ave & W 59th St
7:00 The Hollows freewheeling hootenanny of a band

Juan Alonso Community Garden
575 W 51st St
1:00 Valerie Reaper and the Keepers powerful vocals with a biting edge
2:00 David Berends American Impressionism on a keyboard
3:00 Isaiah Gage singer-songwriter-cellist

Oasis Community Garden
505 W 52nd St
2:00 Los Hijos de la Gran Puna traditional Andean music
3:00 Gibraltar Jazz retro and rocking duet
5:00 MakerzMark jazz
6:00 Velvet Jubilee music from many cultures
7:00 Sylvana Joyce + The Moment punk theatrics, Balkan chutzpah
8:00 The Players Club jazz

  • Midtown East

East River Esplanade & E 34th St
11:15 Around the World By Sea Calpulli Mexican Dance Group promoting the diversity of Mexican cultural heritage

Boston Properties
601 Lexington Ave
12:00 French Horn Mass Appeal: The French Horn Nation is an amicable aggregation of conical bore brass instruments, performing music from classical to jazz and beyond! They will lead French Horn players in a mass appeal event. Professionals, amateurs, and students are all welcome.
2:00 Vocal Heights co-ed a cappella

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
E 47th St & 2nd Ave
12:00 Joe Ferreri guitar, hamonica & vocals
1:00 Mariachi Flor de Toloache all female mariachi band
2:00 Megumi Watada angelic pop singer
2:30 Lamayah Mariah Carey vocals, Michael Jackson moves
3:00 Vocal Heights co-ed a cappella
4:00 Rachel Zevita soulful singer, performed on American Idol Season 10
5:00 Oliver Dagum singer/songwriter
7:00 Alice Tsui classical pianist plays pop covers with a twist

Diesel 5th Avenue
685 5th Ave
10:00 AM – 5:00 Diesel Presents

NYPL: Grand Central
135 E 46th St
1:00 Colin Davin classical guitarist

Ralph Bunche Park
E 42nd St & 1st Ave
4:00 Tiyonna Stewart pop, R&B
5:00 DJ Peridot Bollywood electronica & more
6:00 Brittany Campbell singer/songwriter
7:15 Taylor Ivana high-energy pop

Taipei Cultural Center
1 E 42nd St
5:00 The Momenta Quartet classical and experimental compositions by Taiwanese composers

Tramway Plaza
E 59th & 2nd Ave
12:00 Just Another Folk Singer post-punk
12:45 Plasmonic Wood instrumental funk-rock

Turtle Bay Music School
244 E 52nd St
11:00 AM Laura Kay soprano piano duo
11:30 Deborah Auer jazz & world music
12:00 Claire Hawkins pop folk singer/songwriter
2:00 Maggie Davis folk
3:00 Young Audiences New York Youth Choir talented high schoolers sing rock & gospel
4:00 Alon Nechushtan Talat group 5 piece groove-folk from NY / Israel

  • Midtown West

49 Waltzes Noon Meetup
W 42nd & 7th Ave
12:30 Mass Appeal 49 Waltzes Noon Meetup John Cages 49 Waltzes asks for performers to capture music (sound) around them in specific locations throughout New York City. Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part. Sites can be documented throughout the day, and there will be two large group meetups to celebrate the day and make multi-angle recordings.

Arts Brookfield Grace Building Plaza
W 43rd St & 6th Ave
2:00 Mass Appeal Harps all harpists are welcome to join this harp Mass Appeal; bring your harp and a music stand.

Bryant Park
6th Ave and W 41st St
3:00, 4:00 Berlioz Symphony for Band led by conductor Jeff W. Ball of the Brooklyn Wind Symphony, the performance of “one of the great ceremonial pieces of all time” unites individual wind players & full ensembles from across the region, in a massive wind band experience unlike any other. Featuring members of the Brooklyn College Wind Ensemble, Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, Brooklyn Wind Symphony, Columbia Summer Winds, Grand Street Community Band, Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps, Manhattan Wind Ensemble, Montclair State University, and West Point Band

Herald Square
W 34th St & 6th Ave
5:00 Around the World By Land with Uri Sharlin jazz accordion trio, presented with Israel’s Office of Cultural Affairs in NY

Local West
1 Penn Plaza
X:00 – X:00 After Dark with XXXX description

NYPL: Mid-Manhattan library
455 Fifth Ave
12:00 David Heagy 16-year-old solo guitar wiz
1:00 Tapestry 20-member adult choir
2:00 Peace of Heart Choir

NYPL: SASB – Children Center
476 Fifth Ave, Room 84
3:00 HausMuzik collective of young, passionate classical musicians

Privia Piano Bar: 52nd Street Stop
W. 52nd St & B’dway
1:30 Privia Piano Bar: Roving Billy Joel karaoke from the back of a pick-up truck

Privia Piano Bar: Madison Square Garden Stop
Penn Plaza
6:30 Privia Piano Bar: Roving Billy Joel karaoke from the back of a pick-up truck

Times Square: Mind Over Madness
W 42nd & B’dway
3:20 David Heagy 16-year-old solo guitar wiz

W 42nd btw B’dway & 6th Ave
11:00 Roopa Mahadevan S. Indian classical vocalist
12:00 David Zaks hard swinging jazz quartet
2:00 Anand Ramanujam tabla
4:00 Rachel Arac dance beats & sultry vocals
4:30 Dominic Cammarota classical & modern Japanese shakuhachi music

  • Chelsea

After Dark at Meridian23
161 W 23rd St
6:00 – 9:00 After Dark with WFMU live broadcast of Transpacific Sound Paradise on WFMU

Big Road in Chelsea
235 W 23rd St
10:00 AM Dominic Cammarota classical & modern Japanese shakuhachi music
11:00 Mariachi Flor de Toloache all female mariachi
12:00 Big Road Blues Band prewar blues
1:00 Piedmont Bluz country blues
2:00 Leni Stern African Trio
3:00 New York Scottish Pipes and Drums
4:00 POEZ “spoken-word pioneer” – NY Times
5:00 New York African Chorus Ensemble
6:00 Dolunay Turkish & Balkan music of the Ottoman Empire
7:00 Ana Cifuentes Latin American folklore
8:00 Roopa Mahadevan S. Indian classical vocalist

The Cell
338 W 23rd St
11:00 AM – 4:00 ensemble mise-en new music workshop series

  • Gramercy/Flatiron

Calvary Church
61 Gramercy Park N.
6:00 The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra nine-piece collective

NYPL: Andrew Heiskell
40 W 20th St
12:00 De Rosa clever 60s/70s blues

Union Square
South Plaza
4:00 – 7:00 Mass Appeal Guitars Hundreds of Guitar players gather in Union Square Park for one massive play-along to many rock and pop favorites!

Worth Square
W 25th St & B’dway
12:00 Mass Appeal Gongs Mass Appeal gongs provides the opportunity for musicians young and old to have fun with percussion instruments with Loop 2.4.3

Madison Square Park
23rd St and B’Way
2:30 – 4:30 Ukulele Mass Appeal led by Mark Michaels and with performances by members and students at the New York Ukulele School. Just bring your uke to play!

  • Murray Hill

NYPL: Kips Bay
446 3rd Ave
2:00 Michael Gallant Trio jazz pianist

Straus Performing Arts Center
225 E 27th St
1:00 – 4:00 NYCHA Talent Show Winners public housing residents of the New York City Housing Authority

  • Meatpacking District

Chelsea Triangle
W 14th St & 9th Ave
2:00 Bradlee Caldor Caldor Kids frontman plays covers
3:00 Mild Mannered Rebel oud with Greek & Turkish vocals
4:00 Tapestry 20-member adult choir

348 W 14th St
12:00 – 6:00 Dubspot Presents: Students and Instructor Performances

High Line
High Line: 14th St Passage
6:00 High Line Live! Presents Blue Grass in the Tall Grass
8:30 Mass Appeal 49 Waltzes Sunset Meetup John Cages 49 Waltzes asks for performers to capture music (sound) around them in specific locations throughout New York City. Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part: Explorers, Field Recorders, Listeners, Musicians, Non-musicians, and Video Artists. The piece encourages exploration and as-is documentation. Sites can be documented throughout the day, and there will be two large group meetups to celebrate the day and make multi-angle recordings.

  • Downtown


Columbus Park Pavilion
69 Mulberry St
12:00 – 4:00 Around the World By Land with Lin Sing Manhattan Music Club Chinese music and theater

Kim Lau Square
Chatham Square
1:00 Florentine Music School students, faculty & friends
2:00 Chinatown Partnership Festival Musicians

NYPL: Chatham Square
33 E B’dway
2:00 Guitar Lesson Labs Learn how to play guitar – in 5 minutes! Brought to you by Little Kids Rock and GAMA

  • East Village

6th & B Garden
2:00 East River Jazz Band big band

Abe Lebewhol Park
E 10th & 2nd Ave
1:00 Columbus classic folk & blues
1:45 John Longhitano songs from “Good Guy Gets the Girl”
2:45 Working Class Hussys 8-piece southern indie rock
4:00 Bailey Poteat & Joan Mercury with TSG powerful singing collective

Dias y Flores Garden
520 E 13th St
3:00 Victor Weiss, Michael Abrams & Rick Gioiello bluegrass & blues

First Park
49 E 1st St
2:00 Honeychild Coleman electrified bluegrass & live loops
3:00 SA led by vocalist Shilpa Ananth
5:00 Electric Djinn solo electronics

Green Oasis Community Garden
E 8th St & Ave C
1:00 Vidho & Riz global jazz
2:00 Jovan Johnson young trombonist
3:00 Lukka Band classic rock by a German singer
4:00 Cassie Fireman sultry singing
5:00 Just Pete & Francie reworked Americana
6:00 Deanna jazz singer
7:00 Faith power trio

Joe’s Pub Block Party
425 Lafayette St, New York, NY
11:00 AM 7:00 Joe’s Pub Block Party With performances by Young Old Man, Todd Almond, Too Many Zooz, Bridget Barkan, Dahka Band, and more!

New Campos Garden
628 E 12th St
2:00 Ken Wade songster plays fingerstyle acoustic guitar
3:00 Claire Hawkins pop & country
4:00 The Elena Belan Project tango piano trio
5:15 Lynda DeFuria heartfelt & quirky pop/rock

NYPL: Ottendorfer
135 Second Ave
2:00 Dominic Cammarota classical & modern Japanese shakuhachi music

Orchard Alley Community Garden
350 E 4th St
2:00 Dolunay Turkish & Balkan music of the Ottoman Empire
5:00 HausMuzik collective of young, passionate classical musicians
7:00 Youth Yamada 60s love
8:00 Alice Tsui classical pianist plays pop covers with a twist

Stuyvesant Square
Flagpole Plaza East
1:00 – 5:00 Kyle Tieman-Strauss, Buck McDaniel & Friends 4-hour marathon of contemporary classical music, culminating in the NY premiere of Nico Muhly’s installation piece “Drones For Aspen”

Summer’s First Family Fair
535 E 5th St
1:00 Steven Antonelli mandolin ensemble

  • Greenwich Village / West Village

Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia St
1:00 “In (Key)” – New Compositions in Celebration of Terry Riley’s “In C” @ 50 Years Celebrate 50 years of Terry Riley’s minimalist classic IN C as leading composers and instrumentalists perform 11 new works inspired by it. Composer/performers include Brad Balliett, David Borden, Adam Cuthbért, Jed Distler, Lisa Maree Dowling, Vasko Dukovski, Patrick Grant, John King, Gene Pritsker, Eleonor Sandresky & Elliott Sharp

Father Demo Square
Bleecker St & Sixth Ave
3:30 Show Stoppers seniors performing pop standards

Gould Plaza
40 W 4th St
5:30 Vocal Heights co-ed a cappella

Greenwich House Music School
46 Barrow St
10:00 AM Maoz Ezra middle eastern classical guitar
10:45 Erik Heger harpist plays jazz, spaghetti western themes, more
12:15 Miolina violin duo
1:15 Dance Clarinets star clarinet ensemble at Greenwich House Music School

Jackson Square
68 Eighth Ave
4:00 Pandafan indie-folk trio
5:00 ensemble, et al. contemporary percussion
6:00 The Black River Republic “American Guitar Rock”
7:00 Precious Bones 60s rock, new wave

James J. Walker Park
Hudson St & Clarkson St
11:00 AM Tone Academy of Music Suzuki-based school in Soho for kids & adults

Little Red Square
Bleecker St & Sixth Ave
4:00 Rocco Iacovone’s Tightrope freewheeling jazz, featuring Phil Sirois & Mark Flynn
5:15 The Red Microphone jazz quartet
6:45 Wahoo Skiffle Crazies intergalactic jug band

NYPL: Hudson Park
66 Leroy St
2:00 Guitar Lesson Labs Learn how to play guitar – in 5 minutes! Brought to you by Little Kids Rock and GAMA

Peanut Butter & Co.
240 Sullivan St
12:00 Rainbow Fresh retro 70s sound
3:15 The Mona Dahls folk

Positively 8th Street (Fifth Ave Stage)
Fifth Ave & W 8th St
1:00 Coyote Love early 70s blues-based funk
2:00 Kim Logan Brooklyn booty, Nashville sound
3:00 PM Karen and Joe from pastoral to angsty folk-rock

Positively 8th Street (MacDougal Stage)
MacDougal St & W 8th St
1:00 Aviva Jaye homespun ukulele
2:00 Adventures in Bluesland roots-music
3:00 Supermajor rock collective with big choruses and laser sounds
4:00 SisterMonk djembe-driven, culturally diverse

SGI-USA Culture Center Block Party
7 E 15th St
12:00 SGI-USA Block Party four choruses, a brass band, fife & drum, taiko drums, dance group, others.

Sheridan Square
Christopher St & Bleecker St
2:00 Renaissance Street Singers a cappella from the golden age of polyphony

Village Music World
197 Bleecker St
12:00 Kuf Knotz progressive hip-hop
1:00 Ran Dosis, Circe and Johnny Hobbes jazz
2:00 Thurteen L.I. MC
2:30 Aaron Knight hip-hop
3:00 Goldbloc electronica
4:00 Bear Hunt Controversy pop rock
5:00 Amanda Gusman indie-folk
6:00 Avant Duel pulsating synths & dramatic flare

  • Lower East Side

Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand St
12:00 Nathan Alexander Pape guitarist & improviser
1:00 Mixed Doubles pushing limits of the acoustic guitar
^^3:00 American Composers Orchestra presents the [kaj] Ensemble celebrating the next generation of composers through works from ACO’s award-winning “Compose Yourself” class
5:00 Judith Sante Croix and the Sonora Trio rainforest arias

Afro Asian Block Party
Suffolk St & Delancey St
3:00 Ruby Khan rock version of Toni Braxton
3:30 LESP! Students from the LES Preparatory School
4:30 Alice Tsui classical pianist plays pop covers with a twist
5:30 LESP! Students
6:30 Salome James jazz and pop vocalist

Alfred E. Smith Playground
Monroe St & Catherine Slip
1:00 CIRLU amalgamation of many genres
2:00 Purple Flame funk & rock
3:00 Topical Solution guitar duo plays rock, blues
4:00 Deep Intent blues, rock, funk

Bowery Houston Mural
78 E Houston St
12:00 Elevator9 Productions Nadeem Gibran Salaam performs
12:30 We Are the Wilderness electronic-indie duo
1:30 AK chamber-pop on unexpected instruments
2:00 Aunt Ange art-rock collective
3:00 212GREEN soul, pop, hip-hop band
4:00 The Lucky Chops Brass Band New Orleans style
5:00 Star and the Sea indie-pop with a touch of soul
5:30 Mountain Animation americana from the L train
6:00 Thaddeus Lowe classic soul, traditional folk
6:30 Andre Henry R&B singer/songwriter
7:30 Sol Liebeskind Argentine soul, R&B
8:00 Mark U hip-hop & reggae

Cafetal Social Club
285 Mott St
7:00 Kim Kalesti jazz singer
2:00 Desmond roots reggae singer/songwriter
5:00 Dysorderlies urban indie-pop

East River Park Bandshell
4:00 Special Blend blues rock grooves
4:45 Gladshot power pop
5:15 Raccoon Fighter tumultuous garage rock & blues
5:45 The Graduates modern-rock, pop punk
6:15 SisterMonk djembe-driven, culturally diverse
7:00 Dancing Goats 2 hot babes, 2 drummers, 1 scraggly guitarist

Le Petit Versailles
346 E Houston St
7:00 Garrin Benfield freestyle acoustic rock

Malt & Mold
221 E B’dway
12:00 Seafarers Unite modern folk
1:00 Pandafan indie-folk trio
2:00 Mappa Mundi chamber pop with shades of Americana
3:00 Kim Logan Brooklyn booty, Nashville sound
4:00 Cannonball Statman indie-folk
5:00 The Glorious Veins retro post-punk
6:00 Kings County Ramblers bluegrass, ragtime, Americana improv
7:00 J and the 9s costumed flute rock
8:00 Sean Coleman & The Quasars rock

NYPL: Tompkins Square
331 E 10th St
1:00 Animal Reporters grunge funk with a bluesy twist
2:00 The Loneliers oldies punk twee band

Peach Tree Garden
236 E 2nd St
11:00 AM The Herreras Latin guitar duo
1:00 Trombonita bossa & salsa, on trombone
3:00 David Zaks hard swinging jazz quartet

Sara D. Roosevelt Park
Chrystie St & E Houston St
6:00 Joe Yoga rock
6:30 The Grasping Straws a grungy rock sound
7:00 Cannonball Statman indie-folk with acoustic guitar

The Cast
71 Orchard St
1:00 Shakes rock
2:00 The Bowery Boys rock
3:00 Nancy rock
4:00 Threats rock
5:00 Dirty Fences rock
6:00 Shocked Minds rock

  • Soho

Elizabeth Street Garden
209 Elizabeth St
1:15 Just Another Folk Singer post-punk
2:00 Artistic Abandon NYC fearless creators

NYPL: Mulberry Street
10 Jersey St
3:45 Eric Contractor bel-canto, cinematic songwriting
4:30 Aurical polite, well-groomed indie

Pera Soho Brasserie
54 Thompson St
5:00 Gin Fizz vintage 1920s-50s swing
7:00 Villa Palagonia where NSEW & humanity collide

Privia Piano Bar: Casio Stop
454 W. B’dway
3:30 Privia Piano Bar

Privia Piano Bar: Turnstiles Stop
Astor Place btw B’dway and Lafayette
5:00 Privia Piano Bar

Soho Square
Spring St & 6th Ave
12:00 Leo Liebeskind impassioned folk
1:00 Codigo Sur contemporary S. American folk
2:00 Anyway, so rock duo sings about broken hearts
3:00 Mercury Morning alt indie rock
4:00 One Lucky Lady hip-hop
6:00 Andrew James Hughes indie rock

Urban Arts Partnership
21 Howard St
4:00 – 8:00 Academy @ UAP artists in digital media

Vesuvio Playground
Thompson & Spring
10:00 AM Tone Academy of Music Suzuki-based school in Soho for kids & adults
12:00 Ken Wade songster plays fingerstyle acoustic guitar

  • Tribeca

Duarte Square: AnVilRecorders Street Jamz
Canal St & 6th Ave
1:00 Juliet Echo singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
2:00 The Dry States 3 piece blues rock
3:00 The Glorious Veins retro post-punk
4:00 Mars Radio hard rock trio
5:00 Undercover hard rock trio
6:00 Johnny Mellor’s Bastardos
7:00 Slope 343 rock, americana quartet

Tribeca Park
Beach St & 6th Ave
3:00 Demonic Sweaters synths, vocals, unique pop
4:00 Nerikatsu electronic
5:00 Dennis Vera sound artist
6:00 Pakadome experimental drum and guitar duo

  • Lower Manhattan

Bowling Green
11 B’dway
1:00 – 5:00 Grant’s Tomb 10-piece cross-genre funk

City Hall Park
B’dway & Park Row
11:00 AM Going Somewhere, Jackie? acoustic duo
12:00 Maoz Ezra middle eastern classical guitar
2:00 Peter Flint classical & jazz accordion
3:00 Doug Makofka solo accordion, Bach to blues
4:00 Brooke Watkins accordion standards
5:00 Robert Duncan classical accordion quartet
7:00 Mass Appeal Accordions Anyone may join Mass Appeal Accordions for their third year of Terry Riley’s In C, celebrating 50 years of the piece!

Foley Square
111 Worth St
4:00 Shred and the Batfiends noisy folk punk
4:45 Bonsai electric guitar dream duo
5:30 Adrienne Tooley fingerpicking, heartfelt lyrics
6:15 Jonathan Tea high-energy original acoustic rock

South Street Seaport Museum
12 Fulton St
11:00 AM – 3:00 End Of the Weak hip-hop open mic, showcasing MCs from around the five boroughs
3:00 – 6:00 World Tour By Sea with Gamelan Dharma Swara Balinese gamelan ensemble

Teardrop Park
22 River Terrace
12:00 Mass Appeal Chorus Fahad Siadat leads choral singers in readings of new works by NYC composers. All vocalists welcome to join.


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