Crossword puzzle answers: August 4, 2014

Here is the crossword puzzle answer key featured in Metro.
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    1 Force open
    4 Above
    8 Optimal
    13 “– — move on!”
    14 Payroll deduction
    15 Alabama town
    16 News morsel
    17 Unlikely (hyph.)
    19 Elmo’s street
    21 Ms. Hagen of films
    22 “– kleine Nachtmusik”
    23 Whetstone
    25 Telemarketing danger
    27 Branched out
    31 Excitement
    35 Open meadow
    36 – cotta
    38 Davis of “The Fly”
    39 J in JFK
    41 Gauges
    43 Autumn colors
    44 Glazed goody
    46 Radiates
    48 Billiards stick
    49 Whole
    51 Grabbed
    53 Spring or ebb
    55 Pennsylvania port
    56 Jai –
    59 Batting stat
    61 Grouchy
    65 Chatterbox (2 wds.)
    68 Where Anna met a king
    69 Sarcasm
    70 Nudge, perhaps
    71 Sicilian spouter
    72 Thickly settled
    73 “I say!”
    74 Joey or Kiki
  • DOWN
    1 Sampras of tennis
    2 AAA suggestions
    3 Harley competitor
    4 Insulted
    5 Itinerary word
    6 Beige
    7 River floaters
    8 “Ego” ending
    9 Holiday time
    10 Pre-college
    11 Revival shout
    12 Fill the hull
    13 Barracks dwellers
    18 Per person
    20 Helena’s st.
    24 Spine-tingling
    26 Dog days mo.
    27 Skip a syllable
    28 Element 54
    29 Coat for a house
    30 Tots of whiskey
    32 Gray-barked tree
    33 Not deserved
    34 Established
    37 Flared garment (hyph.)
    40 Big figures on campus?
    42 Stiff
    45 Hex, halved
    47 Cook in a wok
    50 Gouda cousin
    52 Quit
    54 Call to mind
    56 In the course of
    57 Traditional knowledge
    58 Egyptian sun god
    60 – -ho
    62 Light snack
    63 Harmful thing
    64 Vocalist — Sumac
    66 Reuben bread
    67 Herbal soother
























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