Round of applause for the Clap-Off bra


Before we say anything else, if you click on this video, know that it is not entirely safe for work – unless your co-workers will be totally cool with you looking a woman’s naked-but-for-some-pasties chest instead of doing work. (Hey, we get away with it here, but you know, it was research). 

 So someone has found a way to make your own Clap-Off Bra, likely due to the demand of fumbling men who have no hope of being smooth enough to deal with the traditional hook and eye configuration. But wouldn’t that be kind of a mood killer? Sure, a woman’s chest can be worthy of a round of applause, but….

When I was a kid, I used to ask for "As Seen On TV" gadgets  for Christmas – the kind stuff Billy Mays was into. I have owned several Chia Pets and found "The Clapper" under the tree one year. While I enjoyed the novelty of it for a few weeks, it got to the point where the clapping had to be so loud that it offset the convenience of not having to walk over to a lamp and turn it on. Who knows if this is also the case with the Clap Off Bra. But if you’re going to wear one, I’d make sure that your chest is really worthy of the praise.

 Also, what woman at what time of her life would wake up in the morning and think, "today might be a good day for the Clap-Off." Unless she’s planning on attending a Poison concert later in the day, I don’t see when such an occasion might come up. But it would be really perfect for a Poison concert.



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