Playing the Field: Eva Longoria is dating Mark Sanchez

Eva Longoria looking more than a little Posh Spice-esque a few weeks ago.

As if the Jets’ on-field drama wasn’t enough, quarterback Mark Sanchez
is now apparently creating some gossip buzz off the field too.

The New York Post dedicated their entire front page on Sunday to a fuzzy picture of Sanchez and actress Eva Longoria eating lunch together in New Jersey at Donald Trump’s golf course. And voila, the beginnings of a juicy New York, celebrity-athlete power couple!

Apparently there have been rumors the two have been dating for a couple months. I somehow missed those. But New York is badly indeed of such a pairing since Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter went their separate ways some time ago. And yes, Sanchez is only 25 and Longoria is 37. We know that you’re asking yourself that.

To be fair, I give the Post credit for showing some restraint in their coverage. It’s not like they interviewed members of the country club about whether Sanchez walked around the club with no shirt on … wait, what’s that? Oh, nevermind.

Members at Trump’s 533-acre complex say Sanchez isn’t shy about showing off his buff bod, having added 15 pounds of muscle during the off-season. He does a lot of working out at a state-of-the art gym just steps from his four-bedroom brick home. “He’s there so often, it’s almost like Mark’s private gym,” said one source.


The Post is going all-in on the couple with another item appearing in today’s Page Six about Longoria and Sanchez going to see “Rock of Ages” Saturday night. (Arriving separately, of course.)

I’m not exactly sure why we are supposed to care. Does Longoria even have a career anymore now that “Desperate Housewives” is over? Every movie she’s been in tanks. (“The Sentinal”? “Over Her Dead Body”? “Without Men”?)

Oh well. Good luck to you, Mark. Let’s just hope she doesn’t switch to Tim Tebow by Week 6.

No more Sashapova

In other couples news, we learned over the weekend that tennis star Maria Sharapova and former Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic are no longer engaged.

I have to imagine Sharapova finally looked him up on Wikipedia and realized he wasn’t in fact the Scottie Pippen to Kobe Bryant’s Michael Jordan. Vujacic is playing in Europe after crapping out with the Nets in 2011 (and that’s really saying something), so maybe the two just couldn’t make the long-distance relationship work.

“It’s been since the end of spring actually,” Sharapova said after he third round match at the U.S. Open. “I was waiting for someone to actually ask me that question, but nobody did directly.”

That’s likely because, like yourself, we forgot Vujacic actually existed. Sorry Sasha, you really missed out.

Follow Metro New York Sports Editor Mark Osborne on Twitter @MetroNYSports. He’s now off to formulate his Maria Sharapova marriage proposal at her next U.S. Open match.


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